LFO reset options

What is the problem?

The volume LFO for a sample resets each time the sample plays, while other LFOs like cutoff and panning appear to reset every 256 steps.

What should this feature achieve?

This inconsistency makes me wish I could choose to let LFOs reset per-sample, reset per-pattern, or have the LFOs keep going on freely (reset per-play). I think it could be another option in the instrument automation page.

Are there any workarounds?

Using an FX slot fill to set up a fascimile of the LFO for the desired effect with the from-to value.


Hey there @ds0 thanks so much for the wish. This looks very similar to Configurable LFO retrigger in Instrument Parameters. Want to give that a look and confirm it’s a duplicate? I get that the linked wish is for the Tracker, but I’m assuming everything that would get added to the OG Tracker would also appear on the Mini and Plus.


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That sounds about the same, thanks. I’ll send my vote there and you can mark this request as a duplicate.

Thanks for the followup. Much appreciated