Is tracker legacy?

Hi everyone, I just joined the forum as I’m interested in buying a Tracker but I have a simple question: is tracker a legacy product or not? On the site it is among the legacy products.

Not in the official sense - there are talks of a Tracker+ by Polyend, check out Do You Want a Tracker+?

If you wanted to try the OG Tracker there are a few online stores have them in at a great deal at the minute, not sure if it’s a permanent price drop or not? If the Tracker+ does get a release, you could hook them up as a powerful 16 track Tracker combo!

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It’s been on the legacy page since inception of said page :laughing:.
I think i remember there being discussions online regarding this specifically.

If i remember correctly, they put the Tracker there because it is part of their Heritage/DNA, but it was no indication for its obsolescence.

Found an original quote from back then (do not remember who at Polyend said it or where it was published. May have been a newsletter):

Though Tracker is not a legacy product in the sense that it is obsolete or discontinued, we feel that it is an important part of Polyend’s legacy in the broader sense of the word, in that it has helped the company provide inspiration to the artists who shape out culture.

This was around June 23th, 2022.


I remember seeing this for the first time about 6 months ago and my heart skipped a beat as I thought that Polyend had discontinued the OG Tracker. Doesn’t help that the other products on that page are discontinued. Eventually it clicked that they meant Legacy in the literal sense.

Have to admit it is confusing as Legacy is polysemic but also a synonym for discontinued/no longer supported. Heritage does have a lovely ring to it :blush:


Thanks to everyone for the replies and the explanation, it’s actually a bit confusing. I don’t have the tracker yet but I already love it :slight_smile:

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Tracker ordered, arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait! :smiley: