Is it Possible to Set Different Tempos (BPM) for Patterns in the Same Project?


I’m covering a rock song that has a number of tempo changes, going from 64 to 68 to 72, etc. BPM, throughout. Yet, when I change the BPM on one pattern, the control changes the BPM for all the patterns in the project.

Is there a way, then, to lock a specific BPM per pattern, so when chaining patterns together the BPM can fluctuate?


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I encountered a similar problem and was very upset. I wanted to perform on stage, but now I don’t know what to do…

Hello everybody. Perhaps this has already happened, I encountered such a problem, in a project I created several patterns with different bpm.
When I switched to different patterns, each time the bpm was from the previous pattern. Can anyone tell me if this is how it should be? If so, then it’s bad. Is it possible to add such a function? I was preparing a performance, now I won’t be able to quickly change patterns, or all tracks should have the same bpm…
And if you do it in different projects, you know how long it takes to load the project…((

Hi, there is this wish welcoming votes: Ability to assign tempo per pattern. Please continue the discussion there to have all the related comments in one place.

Thanks, I’ll vote there

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