Ability to assign tempo per pattern

The ability for the user to assign the tempo of a pattern. When a pattern with a specific tempo defined plays, the default project tempo switches to the pattern tempo, and when the pattern ends, the tempo changes to the tempo of the next pattern or the default project tempo.

What is the problem?

Right now the tempo is set on a project basis, which means that all patterns have the same tempo assigned by default, and it can only be changed manually. This becomes cumbersome in a live setting, where the user might want to use different tempos as they’re changing patterns. Adjusting the tempo manually after the pattern has been changed makes the performance sloppy.

What do you want to achieve?

Having the ability to preassign and edit the tempo of a pattern, so that there can be different patterns with different tempos and have these changes made automatically whenever you change patterns. This would mean that in a live setting the user could transition from a song at 90 BPM and another song at 120BMP seamlessly. This could also allow the user to make a full album in a single project on the Play, and have it performance-ready as soon as it is finished. This would also further differentiator the variations and patterns, making them work better in tandem.

Are there any workarounds?

As of now, the user can have the Play follow the tempo from another device via MIDI In, and have the tempo changes be made by that other device; but adding another device to a live set just to have this feature is overkill. Tempo can be adjusted manually after the pattern has been changed, but that’d mean that in a live setting the user would have to remember the tempos of each of the patterns, which makes it very cumbersome.

Any links to related discussions?

This post was inspired by this other post on reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything
Similar request for scales: Scale per track on Play

Any references to other products?

The MPC One let’s you set the tempo per sequence and have a different, independent master tempo.


ready to vote:

also relevant:


Thanks for bringing my attention to these, just voted on that first one.

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@cheapmonkmusic thank you for submitting a wish. As @ambivalence points out, part of your wish is already covered on Scale per track on Play. Can you edit your wish above to focus it on the tempo per pattern feature only, please?

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@icaria36 just did :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Maybe this is what you mean already but… What about being able to set the tempo for a pattern in addition to per project? “Instead of” gives the idea that the project tempo must be set at the pattern level, not at the project level. For many users having one tempo per project will be fine. Those willing to set a different tempo in a specific pattern can do so, but they don’t have to set tempo in every pattern. Right?

@icaria36 Yup, that’s what I meant. To have a master tempo and the ability to edit the tempo per pattern too. That way you can have a default one. Seems like it doesn’t let me change the title anymore.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Ability to assign the tempo per step!
Thats whats lacking! On the tracker this is the sweetest fx there is to pull and push the beat around.
I really probably should make a new wish for this.