Is it possible to sample USB audio in?

Didn’t want to start a new thread, and this is kinda related I felt.

So audio out to an iPad via USB works. When I control my iPad via MIDI over USB, I can also hear the audio through my Tracker Mini.

But can I sample the audio that comes in via USB somehow? I figured, if I can hear it, it must be possible to sample it. But I can only see “Mic” and “Line-in” as options in the sample recorder. And Line in does not appear to double as “USB Line in”. Am I missing a config?


Hi @dmrschmidt, welcome to Backstage. I have created a new topic with your post anyway. :slight_smile: It’s a good question and it can stand on its own.

Currently it’s not possible as the Mini only does Audio Out. But that would make for a good Wishlist entry! :muscle:

I also don’t know if it is technically possible to implement this in the future, but it would be worth a shot! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the answer and the idea to propose this in the wishlist. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have enough “reputation” or whatever the criteria are, so I’m not allowed to post suggestions there.

I’m pretty sure others will run into the same limitations, so I hope it’ll surface again and make its way on the wishlist regardless :slight_smile:

Nevermind… I didn’t see How this Wishlist works before I posted my last comment :slight_smile:


+1 definitely. I see the mini being connected to the iPad very often to record instruments etc.

So doing it with the convenience of only using one USB-C cable for audio and MIDI would be killer.

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Has this ended up into a wishlist item ? If no one is planning to or already created it, I’d gladly create the request.

I think this feature would be a must have, in order to use the Tracker mini with a mobile device on the go.

Would let us MIDI control and sample with just one USB-C cable.

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I picked up the Tracker Mini thinking it would sample over usb. Hoping this will get added to the firmware pronto!

Sonicware SmplTrek can sample over USB… :thinking:

I made the same mistake earlier :man_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Please notice I created a proper Wishlist item for this feature request and I have linked this discussion to it :slight_smile:

Tracker mini : Sampling via USB


Hey everyone ! Good news ! The wishlist I created for the sampling via USB has been validated and ready for voting !

So those who wanted the audio sampling via USB feature, please vote !