Is it plausible that the tracker mini will include mp3 import in an update

I don’t know the technicalities around this. But all of my music collections are in mp3, I would like to import and use some of that, but obviously I am unable, as the tracker only supports uncompressed wav’s. I just watched a breakdown on daft punk sampling, which lit a fire under my arse, and I remembered that I have some really obscure (and not so obscure), 70’s and 80’s music in my collection. But it’s inaccessible, without a load of workarounds involving conversion etc.

I couldn’t find anything in searching the forum about this, so maybe it’s just a me thing. Would this be something other people would be interested in. (The question mark on my keyboard is broken so I am unable to pose it as a question).

I don’t know the answer to your question but… are you thinking of importing full songs? If not, then you need to manipulate them anyway. Chop and save as WAV with Audacity or equivalent is not a big extra hassle (the “Save as” part).

No, not full songs.
But using the import menu you can crop out small sections of any longer file you wish to import.

I currently have a 512gb sd card in my tracker mini. I could dump 30gb of music on that card and browse through them, importing as wanted. Chopping and editing on the tracker mini, is not at all equivalent to doing that on a pc, and then importing over. It may not be an issue for you, but they aren’t the same thing.

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Thank you for sharing your reasoning. Why not proposing a wish? See Writing a good feature request.