Introducing Play+

Just got my Play+. I saw Loopop video about Patch editing. In my version I can’t see any patch editing voice in the synth menu. Is the loopop machine of the video using an incoming firmware version that we don’t still have?

I just got the play+, there’s no patch editing option. Surely he is using a new firmware. Shame owners can’t still have it. This time I’m likely use the Try at Home formula. Got really pissed off by all these. Enough is enough…

Please be more clear on Play+ firmware status. I can’t buy a machine with an older firmware than a youtube influcer, cmon guys…Patch editing is not available for the synths… I understand it could be a programmed choice to release a new FW in the near future but on the website we read patch editing and so we watched on youtube. But who gets the machine now has not access to this. Have you ever heard of the WOW moment for a product? Yep, this is the opposite. :(.

Valid complaint but Loopop is using the same firmware as you though. However there will be a public beta with a built in patch editor coming tomorrow. We had not shared how to edit synths on the website yet as the new firmware will build it in tomorrow. However if you want to edit synth parameters today put the following file on your sd card’s root directory:

(this editor is very beta but will be cleaned up tomorrow)


Thanks. Really appreciate your support. :slight_smile:
Sorry but I’m a synth addicted and synth mangling as you can Imagine is a one reason we choose to upgrade (I choosed also to keep my original Play).

I’ll also check the download section tomorrow. Thanks.

(My first impressions, to be eventually further inspected in the future: some buggy behaviors may occur on the VIEW (keyboard mode) function with synths. Some notes are like HOLD forever. ).

I also added instructions, not sure what will change from this tom, but it will definitely be easier to use.

Patch Editor Instructions

To use the Patch editor you must add the hidden “.patchedit” file to the root directory of your SD card as pictured. Adding the file as “patchedit” without the “.” will not run the patch editor.

You may need to enable “show hidden files” to properly move the .patchedit file to your SD card.

Show Hidden Files on Mac

  1. Navigate to the SD card Root File
  2. Press Command + Shift + . (the period key). This will show hidden files in the folder.

Show Hidden Files on Windows 11
Click on the Windows ⊞ menu on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and type folder. Select File Explorer Options from the search results. Select the View tab. Under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

*******Important *******

In firmware 1.0 patch edits do not save to a project! If you make changes to a patch or make a new patch and you want the changes saved you must select the “save patch” option. This will save the patch, and overwrite the patch if saved with the same name. These edits could change the patch in existing projects if the “saved as” option is not selected and the patch is not renamed.

Patch Editor is in beta, occasional freezing is possible. We are not asking for bug reports for the patch editor at this time.

Patch Editor has not been optimized for performance, if you experience performance issues with the CPU try running the project without the patch editor.


Was refreshing to see videos on the play+. We as community need to move forward, it’s overwhelming the amount of hype around TE PE133, and not too much from the polyend play +. @Aisjam waiting for your vids on the play+. :hugs:


I removed the .patchedit file as I just posted the new beta firmware to the forum, this also allows for patches to be saved in the project, selecting “save as” will now overwrite the default loaded patch but not change it per project. Play+ Firmware 1.0.1 - Built in Patch Editor - #3 by Mitch Please use this instead as it is a much better experience.


So fast so good. Kudos to the Polyend team. Let us know about an eventual Play+ beta program.

Boah, a demo by @kpmattingly (one of?) the synth patch/preset designers!


let’s hope so - i wanna be able to use the generative / random feat on synth patches :+1:

Today I learned aphex twin, autechre, and boards of canada are all one person and worked on play+ presets! :sunglasses:

@radfaraf I actually thought about the same!

Hi!! Thinking about purchase a Play+ and I have some questions…

  • How easy is to load your own samples? I’ve made a great collection of it and I would love to use with the play

  • How about make full songs in the Play+? Different parts, arrangement, etc… I know it’s strong point is live performance but I would love to make full songs in it.

  • I guess that the sample part has parameter locks for each sample with tune, reverb, delay, etc… is there any time of live recording automation with the synth parts? And parameter locks as the elektron machines per step?

Thank you!!


Hello, I’ll try to answer quickly (I have got both OG an Play+):

  • How easy is to load your own samples?
    Very easy, Copy and paste in the samples folder of the SD CARD. Also if you follow the manual you can create properly named folders and take advantage of some functions: FILL etc.

  • How about make full songs in the Play+?
    It’s all about linking patterns. On the patterns view you can draw sequences and link them, then export them. For a faster composition there is still not a MUTE function like the Circuit Rhythm for example, but you can use the variation function. It’s most on creating your own workflow, not a fixed model or procedure like the Tacker or MPC LIVE for example.

  • I guess that the sample part has parameter locks for each sample with tune, reverb, delay, etc… is there any time of live recording automation with the synth parts? Yes. I have to go it thorougly but you can do a lot with synths, BUT randomizations not still implemented…

And parameter locks as the elektron machines per step? Everythng is per step. :). More than Elektron gears (I also own a Digitakt).

Hope it may help.

My advice: buy it, it’s a wonderful machine. Also the USB AUDIO capability make it special for me…

Ciao :slight_smile:


so cool…Gonna watch this tonite… yummy…

Wow, thank you, I will buy it!!


Happy to share my finding. I have so many gears I’m planning to make a Youtube Channel to help people understand tricky points on machines.

I see many Youtubers posting gear videos. There are some really useful and skilled, like @_noir and @Aisjam, focused on polyends machine mostly. And others like Loopop… they are on another level.

But sometimes I miss videos on simple things we generally ask ourselves…gonna find the time…


Thank you. IAM still thinking on purchase a plus. A major downsize right now it that only 3 patches of synths for an entire project are very very limited. It would be great to have a patch change per pattern … @polyend @Mitch Any ideas if this will be implemented? Sorry for the English and thank you.

Hi @ameliagagarin , you can change as many patches as you want in a project manually. But this might cause audible clicks sometimes. Switching (“programming”) patches per step is not possible at the moment due to performance reasons. Hope it helps. Thanks for your question!

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