Introducing Palettes! Sample and Beat Fill Packs

If you haven’t heard Polyend Palettes is ready and out in the world! Palettes • Polyend
@AlexC has been working to create an incredible range of studio-quality sample packs: “ATMO” for ambient, “Beats on Wax” for hip-hop and “MNML” for techo. (You can also find out more about Alex here) @iso, our resident beat fill magician, has also created the Beats+Glitches pack for Play beat fills.

This also enables us to give away a high-quality free pack every month this year! Subscribe to the email list to get notified every time a new pack launches.

We’ve organized everything neatly, so integrating these sounds into your Play setup or finding that perfect sample on the Tracker is seamless. Happy with the positive response on this so far, thank you if you’ve tried the packs out and feel free to share any suggestions or feedback here. We have plans for many more exciting packs!


these are very well priced. great work guys

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Downloaded ATMO yesterday for my Mini. I dig it.

Love the idea of genre beat fill packs, so I’ll probably snag that too later today.

Hope to see more ready-to-go genre packs formatted for the Play. DnB, jungle, UK garage :+1:. An easy way to get $10 a month out of me!


Hello guys, long time lurker on here.

Yeah if you have any questions or suggestions for future packs we’d love to hear your ideas.

Very glad the initial packs are being well received.


Are there any plans for Play+ synth preset packs?


That’s something we are thinking about.

Do you know what you’d want in a synth pack?

Really enjoying the Atmos pack so far. Looking forward to hearing what other packs you come up with.

Would definitely be interested in synth packs! Some ambient or electronic focused ones would be great. Along with some more bread and butter sounds for any of the synth engines.



Welcome and thanks for the kind words. I’ll take that all into consideration for sure.


i would love to see some synthpatches that show how good the synthengines are and with some examples of how to combine some of the paramaters to the macros .the patches that come with the play plus are really nice but the modulation possibilitys for them arent so smart as they could be when i understand it right that any macro knob can change up to 5 parameters …


Hi and welcome!

Thanks for the feedback, this is all being considered and we’d like to get really amazing macros going on presets too.

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Hi @AlexC , nice move from Polyend, is good to enhance the devices with packs. this packs are for what? tracker, tracker mini, play, play +? are they only one shots or packages like the ones in maschine expansions with a combination of one shots, loops, synth presets and patterns? are included also fill packs? are organized to be downloaded directly to the sd card?, could be interesting to make a video explaning the use step by step by device (tracker, play, play +)



Glad you like the idea.

The packs are for anything, as they are .wav files they’ll work on all the devices, and in your DAW or any other device that deals with wavs.

Currently there is the Breaks+Glitches Beat fill packs (for the Play/+) and one shot samples (MNML / Beats on Wax / ATMO) for everything.

Yes, you put them on your SD card.

We will think about dealing with loops and other things later on but as the Trackers and Plays are both perfect tools to use one shots on that’s where we decided to start.



I would definitely like some patches for specific genres or categories. For example: House pads or stabs. I’m having trouble creating them myself. But maybe that’s because I’m new to synthesis. So a Youtube series on how to use the synths would be useful too.


Hi Simon. I can’t promise we’ll be able to make that but the key to house stabs and pads is generally to use jazzy chords - minor or major, and then either 7ths or 9ths, and then to play around with the voicings and invert them or spread them across the keys.

synth wise you need pretty simple oscillators (saw is most obvious but square, sin, tri will work for different vibes) and FX to taste.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve been trying this with the VAP and ACD synths and the chord tool. But I’m not getting entirely what I want.

I like the Palettes I have gotten so far. Really useful offerings. I picked 6 (well 2 of them freebies) and I think they are a great value. Can’t wait to see what next month offers.


I’m thinking of grabbing some of these packs for my Tracker, Are all samples tuned to C or do they differ?

Tuned to C for easy use. :+1:

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I’m new to Polyend - I have just purchased a Polyend Tracker - can I use palettes with it? Does it come with example tracker projects? How do I use a Palette with my tracker?

Where do you get the free palette packs?