Introducing Palettes! Sample and Beat Fill Packs

How many are you?

Not sure I get the question… I’m only me so one. :slight_smile:

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I just followed the instructions given by the system:

“This is the first time jaybrewer has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”


Welcome, only one!

One new pack is given away free every month to our newsletter subscribers.

Sample packs are 1 shots that can be used on Tracker or Play, it doesn’t come with example projects. It might be possible to do in the future. I wonder how valuable people find the example projects?

When does this month’s newsletter come out??

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Free packs are available for 1 week starting around the first of each month.


I would be interested (willing to buy) wavetable instruments* packs compatible with the tracker.
*set up with suggested volume and wavetable position envelops.

one shots, or loops would have to be really something special for me to even download for free let alone spend money on at this moment. I might be an outlier, so not holding my breath, but maybe enough other people are weird like me.

cheers. and thanks for the tools/toys


I think @Aisjam has some wavetable packs for sale.


Bought around 5 of these packs now and I think they’re great.

But the best thing? They’re all in C.

It’s such a simple thing, but so many sample packs put all sorts of notes and chords in their packs and it makes them such a PITA to work with on hardware samplers. Love that I can just load these up on any sampler and not have to worry that one sample is C#, the next is E, and the one after is B. It’s not even music theory at that point, it’s just guesswork.

Keep it up!


Great to hear and thanks for the feedback. It mildly limits the possibilities of sounds but yes it means it’s far more useable without headaches - more music making less tuning.

More coming!


ive got a question . is there a difference to memory management if i load a soundpack as soundpack or if i load a soundpack folder by folder . i tried to load one of the new packs folder by folder (cant remember exactly what pack it was but i vould retry) on my play plus in a new project and was out of memory but did not even have loaded all folders in 16 bit stereo … i should try to load as samplepack but i wanted to ask this as general question bout samplepacks :slight_smile:

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It depends. Some packs are tiny and others are pretty big so it all depends.

MNML will fit on a play as will beats on wax. ATMO is just far too big.

All depends on type of content.

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fyi, just tried this months promo code and it takes off one dollar instead of making the promo free. just thought you all should know. oh, and i’m in the usa

Sorry, should work now!

Hey, I just bought the new Palettes and they seem to be very good, just noticed when listening to the Demos for “Harmonic Horizons” that they were recorded straight out of Polyend Tracker+, am I missing some new gear here or is it just a typo? :sweat_smile:


haha well spotted :melting_face:

ah fixed it, maybe someone is confused about the products we offer.


or its a premonition of what’s coming… Superbooth 2024 anyone :wink:

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Haha, there’s a thread about the Tracker+ so one can dream right? :wink:

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Absolutely loving the dark garage pack and definitely plan on scooping up some more next paycheck. I would love to see some heavier packs as well for things like halftime dnb and neurofunk. Lots of Reese’s and chopped up neuro basses would be really cool to mess around with