Intermittent crackling over USB on both Play+ and Tracker Mini

Today i’ve been experimenting with wiring both my Tracker Mini and Play+ into Ableton Live over USB. I’ve managed to get both devices showing in live via asio4all, configured all routing and midi which allows me to control both the Play+ and Ableton from my Tracker Mini.

The problem I have is with both devices i’m getting intermittent drops in audio quality. Sometimes I have to stop playback and wait a little while before quality increases again. Audio quality is good for maybe 20-40 seconds then it drops

This happens with audio from both the Play+ and the Tracker Mini. I’ve tried adjusting the bitrate for both devices in asio4all which - when it’s happening, seems to make the issue go away only to return again a short while later.

I’m using both supplied Polyend USB cables going straight into my pc (no hub used).

Some specs / additional details:


  • Windows 11
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  • 32gb ram
  • asio4all


  • Firmware Version: 1.1.0
  • Official Polyend-Supplied USB cable
  • Tried buffer size from 512 - 1024 with no real difference


  • Firmware Version: 1.0.0
  • Official Polyend-Supplied USB cable
  • Tried buffer size from 512 - 1024 with no real difference

Given i’m getting very similar crackling from both devices i’m leaning torwards this being an asio-related issue? Open to ideas / suggestions on fixing it.


Is the sampling frequency set to 44.1 KHz for everything?

I’m actually also surprised you managed to connect them directly without issues. In my case i have to go through a USB Hub for things to even show up :laughing:

There’s a thread about this as well.

I’ve personally had good experience with the recent VB-Matrix Beta (only available on their discord at the moment) instead of Asio4All. But that is in early stages and i only recommend this for the adventurous types :laughing:

Once it becomes officially released, i’ll probably make a tutorial on how to use it. So far i’ve had good results with it. Going even as far as mixing different sample rates across various devices.