How to record video on iPhone with sound from Mini Tracker?

I want to record video on an iPhone with sound from the Mini tracker - is this possible?

I have a Digitakt and if I want to record a video with sound from Digitakt, I just connect it to the Phone and the video produces sound from Digitakt

Is it possible to do the same with the Mini Tracker?
It turns out that the thing is portable - but it’s not possible to record video with sound from the Mini Tracker on your phone?

I don’t have a Digitakt so I can’t compare but I could try with the Mini Tracker and an iPhone

But I’m a bit confused about the actual setup to test tho:

  • what application do you use to make the video+audio recording?
  • how do you connect to the iphone? with a dongle + usb cable or the dongle + audio cable?
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Just connect the mini tracker to your iPhone, play any track on the mini tracker, and then try to shoot a video on your iPhone. Will the video recorded on the iPhone have the sound of the mini tracker?

So using the default camera app then, from doing a quick search it seems it will take audio from a connected microphone. I could be wrong but I don’t think the tracker supports that.

  • I tried using the lighting to USB-A adapter, then usb-a to usb-c cable to connect to the tracker but without any settings in the camera app it didn’t work for me with an iPhone SE.
  • It might work using the lightning to TRRS adapter which can handle mic, but I don’t have a TRS to TRRS microphone adapter so I can’t try it, a regualr TRS cable doesn’t have the correct routing. That might work but I don’t have the cables/adapters needed to test it.

Depending on the iPhone you might be able to get the audio in via AUM for example:

Maybe having a phone with USB-c makes a difference?

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if I use the TRS adapter, I won’t be able to hear the sound from the mini tracker in my headphones

I tried different adapters and wires. I used recording in AUM - choosing channel 1-2 - but still the sound is buggy when coming back to the headphones! It’s surprising that the mini tracker is declared as a portable device, and at the same time, having an iPhone at hand, you can’t just connect it to the tracker, turn on recording and start recording video with sound from the mini tracker. It is also surprising that this is an extremely unpopular topic. Why do all bloggers pass by this forum? What the heck?

Developers of the mini tracker, if you can hear me, make it possible in the tracker settings to enable output via USB of only the stereo signal from the master channel! Well what the hell? Well, look at the same Digitact - there I just connect the phone to it and that’s it - my phone receives only one stereo master channel - what is needed for a live performance! Why the hell do I have 24 fucking channels on my phone? This is a portable device! You’re traveling on a train - you’ve sketched out a track and want to share it right away - well, give me the opportunity to record it on video or just into your phone’s voice recorder!

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I am confused by the comments here, I connected in the past my tracker mini to my iPhone via USB C and recorded the sound on video with the default camera app. It just worked out of the box.

What cable did you connect through? Using the original cable? It is slow because it only supports USB 2, and there are always 24 audio channels transmitted - you need a faster USB 3 interface and an adapter (camera connection kit) must support data transfer according to the USB 3.0 standard!

Yesterday I managed to connect the mini tracker to an iPad via a cable from a MacBook with USB 3.0 support, and that’s the only way the sound was transmitted to the AUM without delays or problems.

As for recording video on an iPhone with a mini tracker connected, by default the iPhone camera application will not be able to select channels 1 and 2 of the master from the Mini Tracker - so how you managed to record a video there is questionable.

Moreover, there is not a single video on the Internet where this is demonstrated!

Hmm it was a “standard” USB C to USB C cable, not sure where it originated from but it probably supported USB 3. Although, I’m not sure the tracker even uses USB 3 (I think I remember seeing USB 2 in device manager when connected to my windows laptop but I might misremember, or perhaps that was with the original cable.)

So just plugging this cable into my tracker and into the iPhone and then opening the camera app, recording a video, the audio on the video was corresponding to the master channel of the tracker mini.