How to play the synths on Play+ with an external MIDI keyboard or DAW

Hallo, I am new to the Play+. I wonder if it is possible to play the synth engines on the Play+with an external MIDI keyboard or over USB with a DAW. I have set the Notes In to MIDI In USB and sent MIDI notes from my DAW (Logic Pro X) over USB to the Play+, but the synths don’t play.
Can anyone please lighten me up how to achieve this?

Thank you!

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Hi michelle242, and welcome to Backstage :slight_smile:

There’s no way to direct MIDI input at specific tracks or instruments.

At any given time, whether you’re on the samples or MIDI section, a connected MIDI keyboard will always/only play the currently selected instrument on the Sample knob.

But there’s a Wish for exactly this feature for the synths that you can vote on: Dedicated MIDI in/out channels for synths

Thank you very much for your answer, 3xm!
I am quite a bit shocked that this does currently not work and will definitely support the feature wish!
Also, I was not able to play the samples over USB MIDI.
But if I understood you correctly, this is at least something that is supposed to work, or not?
Otherwise the MIDI notes: USB In wouldn’t make any sense…



It should work, afaik.

Let me follow up on this when I’m near my Play+ again. Unless somebody else chimes in before that :slight_smile:

As @3xm said, this should work.
Just make sure that the Notes In Setting is set to MIDI In USB.

You can change the setting via: Menu → MIDI → Notes In