How do I update Tracker's firmware?

To flash the firmware of your Polyend Tracker:

  • Copy the firmware .ptf file to the microSD card using the attached microSD card USB dongle reader
  • Firmware is available HERE
  • Optional: before update save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  • Navigate to Config > Firmware section
  • Select function: Firmware update, then click: Enter
  • Select the firmware file which you want to flash, then click Select
  • Confirm/decline flashing process
  • After update navigate to File > create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

Watch video - How to perform Polyend Tracker firmware update

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Has anyone experienced any obvious flaws when uploading previous projects on the new update? I have a long project / live set and i want to update but im concerned something wont transfer correctly if i do in this version.
Are we able to return to the previous if so ?

You can flash older firmwares again, if the need should arise. :+1:

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Yes, we had several Bug s related to it. Currently I can only think of this one which is critical: Samples get cropped after upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 and pending a fix.

Beware tho: loading projects saved with newer version into older version is not supported ! We support only going forwards: loading projects saved with older version into the new version, and in this case follow our installation guide in the Release Notes (for specific release) and/or in Firmware Update screen on your Tracker device (for general updating). The guideline above is outdated actually and I’ll update it right now after this comment :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

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Thank you thank you :pray:

Also thank you. Samples cropped will most likely affect the project. I’ll await the fix.

Im really struggling with the tracker clipping when auditioning audio samples in the sample loader and i think the time is to update. I was weary before as i didn’t want to have issue with the project im working on.
If i dont write anything new on the latest update and it doesn’t sound right i i can then just flash old firmware ?
Thanks in advance !

As stated earlier in this post, you can always go between firmwares (old or new). But as @miropoly said:

A project done on a new firmware, may or may not work correctly on older firmware.

Old projects that you open on new firmware should (hopefully) always work, but may be subject to some minor sound differences, depending on what has been changed between firmwares. The Changelog for each firmware should give you some details about this, if that is the case.

If you open an old project under a new firmware … and then you decide to go back to the older firmware, the project should work the same as it did before … aslong as you don’t save your old project with the new firmware.

Make sure to load the project once more once you’ve switched back to the old firmware.

It is advised to always initialize a new project first, when updating firmware, just so everything gets applied properly.

I hope that helps.

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Thats really helpful and thanks for revisiting this as i know it was expressed before.
Im being over cautious about the ability to revert from the new to old so what you have explained is super useful.
Much appreciated. :fist:

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Success! Loving the new UI and all the features.
Pops from fade and cut are now gone in lots of places and the sample auditioning is fantastic.
I can actually hear them without uncontrollable clipping.
The wraparound of the pattern view is interesting.
Hoping somewhere down the line we might be able to jump to specific patterns from using the jog wheel. Would be a powerful live performance feature. This could also be in perform mode. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: