How are accidental parameter switches caused on the Play?

I just got the device and only used it for about 2 hours. I noticed if I for instance adjust cutoff it sometimes jumps to resonance and vice versa. I know you can accidentally touch other knobs, and I know about the double clicking which I turned off. I can’t figure out what exactly I am doing to cause those jumps so that I can attempt to be more careful and cause them less often can someone tell me the usual way someone accidentally triggers those? It’s when it switches to the other parameter on the same knob I am using and I’m not intending that at the time.

I saw a vote for improving this, but no mention about what would help me figure out what I am doing here.

For the first week I thought I had a dodgy unit as every time I hit fill, move/micro move would sometimes appear. I realised that my thumb was ever so slightly brushing the top knob and so slightly I didn’t even feel it. I’ve now adjusted how I press any knob as the slightest lightest touch will activate a knob I don’t want it to.
I actually wish there was a sensitivity adjustment setting to avoid this.

Yes, I think all of us are touching the knobs “too much” at the beginning but, at least in my experience, this problem comes up less. In other words, our fingers learn. The wish @radfaraf refers to is Avoid accidental parameter switches by touching knobs and yes it welcomes votes. :slight_smile:

If someone is having second thoughts about replacing the knobs, see Can I replace the original touch sensitive knob caps in Polyend Play?. :smirk:

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