Avoid accidental parameter switches by touching knobs

It would be nice to improve the sensitiveness of the Play’s knobs.

What is the problem?

When working with the Play it is easy to touch the knobs accidentally, causing to switch the parameter being edited. The user needs to be very careful with their fingers.

What do you want to achieve?

To change different parameters quickly without switching them accidentally when a knob is touched.

Maybe the knobs could react only when the touch is a bit longer, and perhaps when the knob starts turning. Or maybe this could be solved with a sensitiveness setting.

Are there any workarounds?

Watch your fingers :wink:

Any links to related discussions?

There are many complaints about the hypersensitiveness of the knobs on discussion boards and social media. See for instance Polyend Play - #2582 by joeyfivecents - Other Gear - Elektronauts.

Any references to other products?


Thank you @lubopanak, finally someone took the time to submit this wish. :slight_smile: I have edited it for clarity and to avoid the use of first person following Writing a good feature request.

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@lubopanak Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that most “accidents” happen when dialing a value. Maybe it would be nice (I’m talking software linqo now) some sort of timeout or shift register logic, that could wait until a reasonable amount of time has elapsed since the last twisting of the knob.
Just a thought.


+1ing this request.

I really like the touch sensitive knobs, but I do also make a lot of errors by accidentally brushing them. Perhaps an option in the menu to dial down the sensitivity would be nice. Not a killer bug by any means, but definitely something that could be refined.

@amfas please add your vote on the voting box (top left). Every little bit counts and since you are +1ing already… :slight_smile:

I totally missed that, thanks! I thought +1ing the post itself with the emoji thing was a vote. Oops.

It happens to everyone!

Looks like double tap registration timeout is too long, like half a second or something which means if you touch a knob twice for 500ms that will be registered as double tap and thus the current parameter will switch. If this time window was shortened to like 100ms, the issue would be present much less frequently.

Because of this issue I use the knobs rather as buttons to switch between parameter groups which is hilarious. Had to turn double tapping off. Parameters adjustments most of times must be made with two hands, with the right hand I activate parameter group and with the left hand I switch between parameters and tweak their values using the big encoder.

This is a serious UX problem.

A preference to set the double tap freq should be considered for accessibility so disabled people can also use the device. Much like mouse preferences, where you can set the double click rate.