Hanging notes with View keyboard when playing from an octave which is not in range of currently selected steps

Bug Description

When I attempt some of the steps that would be required to record a synth live with the pad keyboard, but don’t start recording and instead ‘practice’ what I want to record – if I select a different range of notes with a purple pad, it does not play the notes properly, gets stuck playing a possibly infinite note, and jumps back to previous purple pad. If I do the same with samples it has the same keyboard issue, but not an infinite note one. So probably with samples you can get the bug on the original play too, but I don’t have one anymore to test that.

See video: (Make sure to click the video into a larger size to hear the audio – In the video please ignore any comments about record mode or using samples in the video as they aren’t 100% true – further description here is accurate in reproduction steps)
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Reproduction Steps

  1. Have a synth selected and one note placed or more in that row select the row using the select feature on the pads. (I’ll describe the slight variation that happens with samples later here)
  2. Press View to get the piano mode on the right side pads.
  3. Play any note as if you were practicing your playing to get it down before recording it and notice no problems.
  4. Select a different purple pad at the top of the keyboard.
  5. Now play a note again – It gets stuck playing a very long possibly never ending note, and jumps back to the previous purple pad.
  6. Notice bug also goes also if you do the same thing, but don’t select a row. But you can’t properly live record without selecting a row.
  7. Also notice the bug goes away if the selected row has no notes.
  8. Also notice the bugs away if you actually record (by enabling live rec and hitting play), instead of practice before recording.
  9. Also notice if you try the same thing with samples the same bug occurs, but minus the getting stuck on infinite playback part. (that leads me to think this variation of the bug also occurs on the original play perhaps and from memory I think it did – someone would need to check that as I only have a play+)
  10. Grid notes also has a similar bug, but I haven’t tried it enough to document the specifics of this variation yet.


Always if specific details I mentioned are kept to.

Found in

  • Version: [1.0.1public beta]
  • Build: [originally found in 1376 and 1388 has the same issue] Also fairly certain I had run into this with my original play before I sent it for the upgrade.

Something almost identical happened to me as well. I have both OG adn Plus. Will try from Monday and let you know.

@radfaraf , thanks for the Bug post. Check this video starting at 1:57. Would you say that this is similar to the issue you are experiencing?

I had this bug too…

it looks like they are using the grid notes features instead of the piano notes and triggering another similar bug, I forgot about the grid notes because I have mine always set to piano.

I am relatively new to the polyend product scene aswell as the groovebox itself.
Currently I find my way into the Polyend Play using midi and sequencing external gear. Like how it plays and functions very well.
Using a dawless setup consisting of Polyend Play (USB MIDI) > MPC ONE + > SH4D, HydraSynth, S1.
Everything works flawlessly. The Polyend Play can sequence other gear and the MPC One routes MIDI properly into the respective Synths.

I have updated the Polyend Play to Version 1.4.1 Build 1099 which seems to be the latest version.
What I noticed is that due some circumstances selecting a track via Play, opening the View to select notes the “note on” midi command does not send a midi “Note Off” command or the note on / off gets inverted.
The Play get’s stuck on a note (maybe the first played note?). It never sends a “Note Off” midi command until I either deselect the previously selected track or completely transport stop my MPC One +
Playing other notes does kinda work while the Play is stuck on that first note, but those get cut off and the play jumps back to the first note.
This also noticeable when selecting an higher / lower octave. You can see the play jump back to that previous octave and selects the stuck note again.

Does anyone else happen to have this similiar issue?

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you reported the same bug I posted here (see URL below)? Check if that’s the same issue though I mention synths on the play+ it’s something similar on the play with samples though minus the notes getting stuck, and now you are also seeing midi has a similar behavior too apparently. You can get around the bug for now by not having anything selected when triggering notes.

Yeah that sounds pretty much the same.
What I noticed is that this affects Live Recording.
It makes it kinda unusable for me sometimes. Deleting a note also deactivates select row.

When I was trying it as long as I wasn’t switching the range of keys with the purple pad before live recording, once live recording was started it seemed to behave fine! Or maybe I missed something? How are you getting into the issue specifically for live recording, it seemed to me it only did it if not in live recording?

Hi @radfaraf , thanks for logging the detailed bug report and sorry you’re having issues with your new Play+ device. We’ll look into this and let’s you know when the fix is ready.

I did a little update of the title so others can more easily find it, hope it sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

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I have the same bug on the play plus with the latest firmware