Freezing while previewing samples

Last night, when trying to add samples to a project, the device froze and did not respond. I had to unplug the power cable, this was the only way to clear the error.
Please, dear Polyend, solve this problem.

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The other day this happened to me as well while I was browsing for synths samples in the Artist Samples folder.

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Having the same problem. Just bought the Play a week ago. Firmware 1.4.1. Do you still need global settings files or any other input?

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Freezing happening on my Play+ as well. While previewing factory samples the device seems unresponsive until the sample has finished playing.

Interestingly, there is a bit of a workaround - I’ve noticed if I keep the encoder pushed in (or one of the two buttons above) and scroll, it immediately starts playing the next sample. The screen does not update the selection until the sample finishes playing, but I can scroll forwards and backwards through samples and even jump a directory level up right away with this.

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I don’t know what priority this bug has, but I don’t understand how could it be something but not urgent? This is my first device to create music and I simply scared to choose sounds for my track. If you could not fix it, give us ability to roll back to stable version.

Urgent should be for devices that don’t turn on or catch fire. Report the bug and let the company sort the priority. I don’t think a majority of users are dependent on the device’s pristine perfect functionality 24:7

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Severity is not urgent, but priority is. Are you sure that hard turn off doesn’t harm hardware? This bug is really very influential on the impression of the product and user experience. And this bug is here for HALF A YEAR! It’s impossible for me to imagine such a situation on a project that I work on.

@borsuk @Sandroid any update on this issue?

@here I’m glad to inform that this bug was fixed in the Play 1.4.2 firmware update :slight_smile:


I decided to add samples to an existing project. The error didn’t go anywhere



I couldn’t attach the video

Hi @dinoel.volro , you can still reproduce this issue? Please let us know about it. You can use one of the 3rd party hosting for videos, or attach here zipped possibly? Also project and/or samples which cause the issue would be helpful. At this point we can’t know if it’s the same issue or possibly a different one with similar scenario or result. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Another problem has appeared, I can’t open projects created in firmware 1.4.1

Recorded a video

Hey @dinoel.volro. Any chance you have a project you’re having trouble to load in the latest firmware. I’d be happy to to try to load it on my end.

Have you had any problems like this on your device?

None so far, but I’ll be honest that the Play hasn’t seen all that much action since the Play+ arrived. I’d still be more than happy to test any projects you’re having issues with on the OG Play.

Hi @dinoel.volro , I’m sorry you’re having issues. Please consider logging a Bug so we can help you out.

Hello again @dinoel.volro , thank you for sharing the video. Unfortunately, I cannot understand what the problem is. It could be a faulty encoder? You are turning it, but the action is not reflected on the screen? Could you please explain what is the problem you’re experiencing and what you expect to happen? I’m just just asking this to understand and help you out faster :slight_smile: Thanks!

The encoder is fine.
Switching is delayed, then jumps several points