Freezing while previewing samples

Hey @andreas.stephan, welcome to the community! :partying_face:

I’m sorry you are facing this issue as well. Could you also upload your globalsettings file (grab it from the sd card and ZIP it and upload it to this post).

I’m sure Polyend will try and get this resolved as quickly as possible :heart:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload any files from the system. :frowning:

Ah of course, you are a new user. I’ve changed it so you should be able to upload a ZIP file now.

Great thank you.
Here my globalsettings file: (176 Bytes)

Best regards

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After updating to 1.4.1 i have the same problem.
How to reproduce:
I choose some samples, place them on the grid, add some reverb and delay.
Then, while trying to preview some more samples in the browser, suddenly the play freezes. (while still playing the current loop).
The only thing which helps then is to unplug it from the power supply, since it doesn’t react any more. (174 Bytes)

Just found out that when i put the sd card into a computer, it keep’s ejecting the sd card randomly from time to time.
I then tried a new sd card with some samples, and now the problem seems to be fixed.
So maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe it’s just a corrupted sd card?

Would it be possible to download the factory content somewhere to check with the new card?

@Sandroid thanks, already found out and copied it to a new sd card, everything runs fine right now. Will report back wenn the freeze occurs again.

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You can download the factory content from your account here:

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Hello, I’m using the latest Play firmware, and I have the same problem: Freezing while previewing sample packs. Also changing contents and folders. I think it could be related to 48khz /24 bit wav files (occurs more often with these files). I think this is a bug that should be investigated in more depth by the dev team. Lately I was stuck so many times :frowning: while previewing files. Thanks. (218 Bytes)

Hey, I have the same problem. Just bought my Play two days ago and all of a sudden freezing every single time I wanna load sample. Please fix this.

I can’t upload my globalSettings because I’m a new user, so I gonna email to

Hi @andrian.lody , sorry you’re experiencing this issue. As @borsuk wrote above, we are analysing the issue and we will try to include a fix in the next update.

Thanks to everyone for reporting and commenting to this topic. The more data we have, the closer we can get to the solution as it’s not easy to reproduce. So please give us following answers if possible…

@bcrane780 what does this mean? “begin track” = “start playback”?
If so, can everyone @here comment if they can reproduce the issue only when playback is running or also when playback is stopped?

@bcrane780 so you get a freeze not only on “preview” action but also during “loading” operation while playback is running?

@andreas.stephan Could you please explain what do you mean by this? Thank you

@matthiasluebbe any updates? Did you get more freezing with the new SD card?

@acaposotta what do you mean by this? While browsing through folders on the SD card in “Load Samples” menu?

@andrian.lody does it freeze when you try to load a sample or preview a sample? Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for the info so far, please be patient while we are looking for a fix.

When I preview sample specifically. It happens on factory sample, artist sample, and my own sample as well

Thanks for your answer @andrian.lody ! What about the first general question: it freezes only when playback is running or also when playback is stopped?

So for my experience begin track was just in reference to starting a new project and no necessarily related to starting playback. The big occurred when in the sample folder selection menu, I would be scrolling through samples in a sample pack folder such as “dubstep” > “kicks” and when previewing a sample by clicking on it the play would freeze. I especially noticed this when I would try to scroll to the next sample before the sample I was previewing had finished playing. Only when a sample was being previewed would the freeze occur


Hello, I mean while browsing samples and previewing them in the sample loader menu.

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@bcrane780 @acaposotta Thanks for your answers, this helps a lot. Please wait while we analyse this further. We’ll let you know as soon as we find a solution.


Got it repeatable in under 30s:

@miropoly do you want me to send you the SD card?

Hi @eric.brookfield , thanks for your message. Can you reproduce always following same steps like in the video? If yes, then please attach the project you’re using. Thanks!

Hi @here, anyone interested in this fix, we have a beta version available. You can apply here and we’ll consider your application to the beta program. Thank you for your support and patience so far


This is happening to me as well. Firmware 1.4.1

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I have the same issue, looks like it is reproducible when you are trying to play next sample while previous is still playing. Is it safe to do hard reset every time? This problem appears like 5-6 time still session.

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