Feature request: Date and time play a role with project naming

What is the problem?

Auto name is a fun way to quickly have a title for your project, but I can’t remember the names it gives as easily as I can browse a list of recent dates. Most of the projects I want to pull up are from recent weeks.

What do you want to achieve?

There’s quite a few blank buttons on the virtual keyboard when naming our project. I want to be able to press a button and get the timestamp filled into the project name at the cursor position.

Are there any workarounds?

Nope. Look at the calendar and type it in.

How would the feature work?

  1. File > Save as…
  2. Press a special button above or to the side of the virtual keyboard.
  3. Date goes in at cursor position.


  1. File > Save as…
  2. ‘Auto name’ reveals a menu that lets you prefix things like date and time (since this is also a way to ‘automatically name’ your project)
  3. Selection populates at cursor position


In settings, have a ‘Sort by…’ filter option for projects, defaults to current A-z but can sort by ‘Date Created’ or ‘Date Modified’. I would be totally happy with this approach as well and it doesn’t disrupt the existing input controls.


Play knows nothing about date and time. It has no clock module.
Sorting files by date isn’t possible either as files saved by Play have no meaningful creation/modification time.
You can name your projects whatever you want. Just add current date and time before the auto-generated name. Well, you already know that.

Good point!

I’m pretty sure this will be rejected by the Polyend team, due to the lack of a clock in the Plays. Do you want to keep it open anyway or can we just close it?

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The following wish, could be the foundation for what you are asking for:

But until then i agree, it’s probably better to close this wish, lurk and see where this goes :blush:

I hope that’s ok with you.

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Close it on up! Hopefully they note some hearts… play2 “now with clock”

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The following wish is approved, please put your vote on it, if you are interested in this functionality: