Fast and easier multi mutes and solos

What is the problem?

cant mute unmute many at once solo/unsolo.

What should this feature achieve?

Be able to select multiple tracks to mute/ unmute solo/unsolo

Are there any workarounds?

being very dexterous with 8 fingers. not fun

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

yes digitakt II and isla s2400.

Would be great to hold shift and mark tracks for mute then when letting go of shift they mute and vice versa so you can do mute at the same time for a large number of mutes.
Same thing for solos. This is the way digitakt II works in mute mode.
Also Isla s2400 works a bit different but still nice. You can mute a bunch of stuff then hold shift and press one mute again and it releases all mutes. I like digitakt II way better though.

EDIT ** I just realized holding shift makes the step pages come up so that wont work but saving session and resetting would work if we save mute states which it doesnt at the moment.

So you would hit save mute a bunch of stuff then reset would revert back with unmuted tracks.

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somewhat similar:

short version: while holding «patterns» button there could be a remembered set of tracks user chose beforehand. having this, he/she could tweak all the parameters without manually selecting these tracks one by one. this includes volume and maybe solos/mute states, all at once (as you suggest here).

Yeah but my version would be more if you were jamming inside one pattern? And not in pattern mode? Not sure I fully understand your wish. Regardless the save and reset should remember mute states imo. Then that would be great for performance. Or at least have it configurable in config menu “save/reset remember mutes/solos = true/false”. Also another bad thing about patterns i’m finding is that there is the play X skip X doesn’t work when chaining patterns because they all play once in a chain. There should be a way to set pattern # of loops when chaining to keep that play x skip X stuff. They become useless when chaining essentially but I guess that is another topic. So say you had a great 64 step pattern and it was really like 8 bars because of all the play X skip X stuff it becomes 64 steps again when in a chain of patterns. Unless im missing something, that doesn’t seem great to me. Kind of defeats the purpose of Play X skip X.

Cheers! Thanks for the wish :slight_smile:

It is different, because it’s not about mutes/solos directly, but about the problem of selecting multiple tracks in general.

The shift button overall has multiple functions already and there’s not much unused space left. That’s why I proposed to use «patterns» button. That’s the first difference.

The second difference: a player not only needs to able to unmute/unsolo tracks, but overall to make needed changes for a bunch of tracks. Selecting them one by one, especially when they aren’t grouped together, is a long process. Currently user also will need to deselect them later. With some tracks bound to «patterns/hold» player could tweak what he/she needs, release patterns and return to the previous device state (for example, another set of selected tracks). The classic usage example would be tweaking filter for some tracks. Having «pattens» pressed and tapping on one of the mutes/solos could extrapolate this action for all the selected tracks.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: