Export song volume

Hello, i have a question about exported songs volume.
They are very quiet, even if a master volume is 0.00dB.
The file itself after exporting is very quiet. I have to normalize them in post-processing.
The question is this: am I missing something or is this the way it’s supposed to be?
And does the master volume in this case affect the export volume?
I would like to avoid post-processing, because I’m lazy and I’m generally happy with the sound right off the device, but this volume problem forces me to fiddle with the files.

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Hey @guadonna2196 , Master Volume is purely for the Line out / Headphone Output and does not translate into the final mix. The individual levels per track however should be part of the final mix.

I personally always finalize in a DAW with the individual stems or record a full mix into the DAW and do the final mastering there. Could also be any regular Audio Editor i suppose, like Ocenaudio or Audacity to name a few free software editors.

Correction: Master Volume should be applied to final export. See message below.

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About the master volume got it, okay.
So there is no way to get a normalized mix straight from the tracker?

Excerpt from the official manual/documentation:

The volume of separate rendered stems files can be set in the Master 2/3 section. The rendered master track volume is being set in the Master 1/3 section and it’s always rendered with the Limiter and its current values.

Taken from: Tracker Manual - Polyend

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Just tried rendering by changing the volume on the master page 1/3, -14db, 0.00db and +12db, there is no difference in the volume of the final exported mixes…
Either I don’t understand something, or it doesn’t work…

Alright, back to step one :laughing:

I also experience this. Any volume applied to the master volume does not affect the final mix.

Best results i’ve had so far is by ensuring instrument volume levels are set good enough and any track volumes are set to appropriate levels.

Audiopath apparently is going through a ton of changes for 1.7. So it’s probably best to wait and see if this remains an issue in the future.

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Very hopeful, looking forward to the new firmware)

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Sorry ya’ll, there was incorrect info in the manual, Sandroid was right the first time. I’ve updated this in the manual.

  • Export happens before the master volume, bass boost, space, and EQ. So changing the master volume won’t change your mix out levels.
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