Expanding the Piano Roll - Isomorphic Layout

Expanding the Piano Roll with further Layouts.

What is the problem?

There is no isomorphic keyboard layout on the Polyend Play

What do you want to achieve?

An isomorphic keyboard option on the 8x16 grid section of the Play.
Giving users the option to live record in notes, using this layout that many like to use.

Are there any workarounds?

No. Just the chromatic Piano Roll

Any links to related discussions?

None to be found on Backstage.
@TheKrazyWabbit received a comment/question on one of his recent videos.

Any references to other products?

Deluge, OXI One, Ableton Push

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I’ve taken the liberty and edited your wish :blush:

Make the 16x8 grid a full keyboard layout to input notes doesn’t say “isomorphic” but isn’t that the same implementation proposed here?

Good point @icaria36 !

@TheKrazyWabbit could you please clarify if this is essentially a duplicate? :blush:

ah, I searched for Isomorphic before posting. Provided that wish is wanting to do an isomorphic keyboard, then I have a duplicate. Thanks for the catch.

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