Estimated shipment of the Tracker Mini

Mine arrived today! :grin::grin::grin:


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Hey there, maybe a bit early, but is there an estimate update for the 2nd wave of preorders? I’m assuming the date has slipped from August due to the original delays, but just wanted to check. thanks!

Mine is here! Ordered last week through Signal Sounds in Glasgow - great people to deal with.

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Excited. I crossed DHL on the road and was lucky to get my package before it was rescheduled for next week if nobody was at home! ^^

I hope everyone gets theirs soon! Can’t wait for the weekend to begin.


I’m not good at video editing so you’ll have to use your mind: just change the photocopy machine for a Tracker Mini, and the singer for you. :partying_face:

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:laughing: pretty accurate image of reality if you ask me.

August preorders should ship from around Sept. 4-15. I’ll send out an email next week with a more precise estimate if possible.


I hope polyend will give the netherlands some love (tonecontrol) :blush: i ordered there.

Mine arrived! I’m sadly out of town.

Hi Mitch

I pre-ordered back in early June through Perfect Circuit. Any updates on delivery date? Very excited! Thanks, Jan

I ordered in early July (3rd batch). Apparently those ship this month (Sep). Any updates on this? Anyone in the third batch got theirs?

Hi Mitch

I ordered back in June through Perfrct Circuit. They have no idea on a date at this point. Can you clarify? Thank you.

Everyone is probably at knobcon right now which might be why they’re not answering. Maybe this can help. I ordered in April through Polyend. I’m in the second batch that was set to ship in August. These aren’t shipping until between Sept 11-18 that’s the latest email I received from them and mine hasn’t shipped yet. I think they’re just a little behind so maybe the perfect circuit batch is in the second shipment. Hope that is helpful.

Perfect circuit should have orders shipping out either this week or next.

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Nagging doesn’t make the water boil faster… but have you had other setbacks which move the needle of shipments?

You wouldn’t happen to know when Sweetwater’s orders should start shipping by chance, would you? I’m excited to get a hold of mine. If you don’t know, I can probably poke someone over at Sweetwater to try to get an answer.

I was told by Sweetwater on Friday that mine should be shipping that day or early this week.

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I am still waiting, I am in the 4th batch, Cezary said I should be getting it mid October but I’ve had nothing confirming it, my order is still in ‘processing’ mode.
I am checking every day for an update. :grimacing: