Empty screen when row track is selected

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Bug Description

I have installed the last firmware 1.0.1 from official download page.

Each time I select a track row, the screen get empty. Here a video https://www.canva.com/design/DAF5m6sHx20/LqIKkmI9On21tWbse1-3xQ/edit?utm_content=DAF5m6sHx20&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

Reproduction Steps

  1. Hit any knob
  2. Select any track row


*bug is reproceproducible always

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: [ 1.0.1]


On description

I believe this is intentional. Does it also happen for rows that have steps in them?

The thing is that selecting a row is (mostly[1]) just a selection like any other selection. And the parameters shown for a selection are the parameters for the steps in the selection[2]. An empty row is a selection of no steps, and thus there are no parameter values to display.

[1] The difference is that when selecting full rows, you’re able to set the track length, play mode and swing.
[2] If selected steps – no matter what type of selection (row/range/picks) – don’t have the same value for a parameter, it will not show a specific value, but the +/- parameter tweaker instead.

Yes sure, it could be like that. Anyway I see no reason to turn into a empty screen if there are no steps set. It would allow you to select a row and configure it previously to fill it with any sample. Later you can see exactly which sample you want to include and then fill in this row avoiding mistakes. I see it usefull being honest but I don’t know, it’s just a workflow maybe.

So, can anyone confirm that this is intentional. If so, then remove the issue. Or we’ll wait for a firmware update hehe.

Thank you :love_you_gesture:

Hi @pineal , thanks for your report and questions. This behaviour is indeed intentional. When there is a selection, we show parameter values of selected steps. If there are no active steps, there are no values to show. Hope this makes sense. If you’d like to see this changed, please condider logging a Wishlist with the new proposed behaviour. I’ll close this topic now.

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