Copy paste and delete files and instruments in instruments page

What is the problem?

you cant copy, paste or delete files or instruments in the instruments page

What do you want to achieve?

i want to do file management (deleting) in the file browser without needing to take the sd card out and edit it on a computer. i want to copy and paste instruments in the instrument list.

Are there any workarounds?

juggle sd card

Any links to related discussions?

not that im aware

Any references to other products?


Hey hey @pointandclicksystems , there is already an open wish (that is awaiting votes) available for this:

Let me know if that fits your needs and then we’ll close this one as a duplicate :blush:

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i assume these were left out because of usb access

Nah, this would make it to the OG and the Mini.

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Marked as duplicate and closed.

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