CUT/COPY/PASTE (Browser, Sample Editor... Everywhere)

Many of the other user requests could be addressed at once with the addition of cut, copy + paste throughout Tracker.

What is the problem?

Other requests include:

  • Saving Instruments from inside Tracker
  • Moving projects, instruments, kits, etc.
  • Managing instrument collections
  • Cut/Paste in Sample Editor
  • Trim Silence in Sample Editor
  • More Destructive Editing Options
  • etc.

What do you want to achieve?

See above.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes, and you know them too, but they are not ideal.

Any links to related discussions?

See above

Any references to other products?

Pretty much everything has cut/copy/paste. Tracker already has it in the Pattern Editor.

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I understand why you put everything in one single request… buuuut as per the wishlist guidelines:

As the Cut/Copy/Paste System can’t just be written once for all these usecases, i think you would need to create atleast two wishes here.

  • One for File Management based Cut/Copy/Paste functionality
  • One for Sample Editing Cut/Copy/Paste functionality

Unless there is another place that these two “categorisations” wouldn’t cover.

Btw, i’m not trying to be difficult :laughing: , just trying to enforce the rules bestowed upon us :blush:

Ok, I guess I didn’t express myself clearly enough. My bad. I’ll have another go.

When I said “system” what I meant was a UX of those button functions “just working” across all pages of Tracker as they would on a computer cutting and pasting between different software applications.

So in Tracker the UX would be:

If a user copies a number value to the paste buffer they can change pages and paste the same number anywhere that accept numeric input.

Then the user doesn’t have to think about how the functions change between pages, or think about the pages having independent paste buffers.

Like if the UX is “copy, paste and delete always work” it’s easy for users to unconsciously absorb this functionality into their mental model of the device.

I recognize that these functions are necessarily different from page to page, and that hardware devices are NOT a computer running a DAW, but it’ll cut down on both feature requests and support tickets if Polyend can achieve this sort of transparent “global” cut/copy/paste UX.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: