Collapse into chord

The option to collapse chords that were recorded into the chord function so they use up only a one track.

What is the problem?

The play’s biggest limitation is the number of midi tracks, which can be linked somewhere between 8 monophonic tracks and one 8 voice track. When recording two tracks with tritones - a common scenario - there are only two monophonic tracks left for anything else. This limitation is unique to the Polyend Play compared to most sequencers in that price-segment.

What do you want to achieve?

The possibility to play chords via a keyboard without immediately eating up most tracks.

Are there any workarounds?

Chords can be programmed via the chord mode which is an extremely time consuming and unintuitive way to make music. It is the only way to output multiple notes from one track, while at the same time proving that the hardware allows to send out more than one note per track (paraphonic?).

Any links to related discussions?

Someone describes how the limitation comes as a surprise since it was not communicated clearly enough.

A feature wish that got denied based on hardware limitations:

A technical answer about polyphony:

Any references to other products?

(Polyend play: between 8 monophonic tracks or 1x8 voice polyphony)
Oxi One: 4x 7-8 voice polyphony
Korg SQ 64: 16 monophonic tracks & 3x 8 Voice Polyphony
Elektron Digitakt: 8x4 voices
Arturia Beatstep Pro: 2 monophonic tracks + 16 track drum sequencer
Synthstrom Deluge: Polyphony only limited by CPU


Thanks for taking the time @daniel.brennecke to write such an informative and detailed wish :slight_smile:

@daniel.brennecke Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction :slight_smile:


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