Chorus to improve Play Plus synths stereo modulation effects

Play Plus synths and samples could really use a stereo chorus and/or modulation effects in addition to reverb & delay. Stereo chorus can thicken any sample or synth with a wide stereo spread. With reverb & delay, the synths with still always be mono, except for the effect. But a nice stereo chorus will gloriously spread a nice synth pad, for example.

The chorus effect could be added to the synths or to the master effects. Either would be helpful. Chorus could be the first stereo modulation effect, and Flanger or Phaser would be welcome as well (we can create separate wishes if this is helpful).

What is the problem?

New synths in Play Plus are still just mono sources.

What do you want to achieve?

Make them sound big and wide stereo effects before delay and reverb.

Are there any workarounds?

Not for the built in synths

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Electron Digitone and Korg NTS1 appear to do effects like this - modulation, delay, reverb.


@craig.tracy thank you for contributing this draft wish. The Polyend team requests that wishes are specific so that it is easy to see what is being proposed and easier to approve or not for the Wishlist. For this reason, please focus on one effect at a time: chorus or phaser? Then the wish says in one point that the effect would be per synth, but in another place says it is better to have a master effect. To make this wish sharper, I think it is better to focus on synth effects, since the problem you want to address is the mono synth sources.

Ideally, it would be good to have a selection of modulation effects, say, phaser, chorus, flanger (and more at the devs discretion), and be able to select one of them, and have the selected modulation effect available as additional master effects so mono samples can also get the benefit. Is there a better wording that can capture this notion?

Sorry if I’m not making sense. I’ll be grateful for anything that you can glean from my request. Cheers & thankyou :slight_smile:

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You are making total sense :slight_smile: but Writing a good feature request says

and we just try to apply this principle. For a development team, each effect is a piece of work. We can have a general discussion about the need to stereo-rize the synths, that’s fine and probably a good discussion to have. But if we are talking about Wishlist wishes and votes, then we need to follow that guideline. The Polyend team doesn’t want to sign up to vague/broad wishes, and that is understandable.

For what is worth, I fully agree with this wish! In fact yesterday I started to think about using the 3 synth slots and the 8 voices with different panning and micromoved notes to recreate a poor person’s phaser or chorus. It was late and I didn’t want to start tired. :slight_smile: But yeah, only yesterday I realized that panning can be done only at the synth slot level (three options) not at the step level as in audio samples, which would have allowed to more stereo-like possibilities.

Shameless self promotion: I made a wish for panning per step.


All good, and thank you again. Yeah, let’s not forget that we’re only on V1 here. I feel fairly confident that many of these wishes will come eventually. I’m hoping by the six month mark from now, the ‘plus’ will have its teething problems under control with a sprinkle of new features well on the way. It’s a journey.

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I don’t really like pooping on people’s suggestions, but another great workaround is get the usb-c connection to a computer and setup effects with a daw like ableton live, or fl studio – and you can setup per channel effects. Using mine with FL Studio and given access to a crazy amount of VSTs that will always have more flexibility than adding more effects to the device, though of course it makes it so you have to have a more complicated setup and maybe have to buy more software (though you could also focus on free software only that gets the job done). Does that help or do you need them to be built-in for like portability or some other reason?

Oh I love that feature, and I intend on using it with an iPad and Audiofuse, but I also use Play on the couch and lying in bed, so I want as many stereo effects as possible in the box.

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So what about using this wish to request the Chorus effect? It’s a good effect to start.

By the way, I tried the old method of spreading voices to achieve a stereo effect. 8 voices distributed in 3 synths is more than enough to achieve a good stereo feeling.

Sure, let’s go with a chorus. Thank you.

Not sure I’ll be making further requests for other mod effects. Seems a tedious and convoluted process to ask for multiple modulation effects. I understand why they do it this way, but I might leave the extension of this request to others. Sincere thanks for the assistance, anyway. Cheers.

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@here Thanks for your contribution, the wish is now ready for voting! :slight_smile:
We most likely cannot afford another real time effect due to performance limits, this would have to be tested once the implementation is finished, but implementing this would most likely have to include some kind of effect selection to choose which you want to use in a project, between existing effects and the new ones (like Chorus).


I think that’s a fine compromise. It’s already the same for the synth engines in Play+. I hope you then consider making it possible to select the same effect twice and have different settings for each.

Thank you :pray:

Honestly I’m surprised that the VAP and WTFM models don’t have per oscillator panning or other widening options.