Can the Polyend Tracker record samples and playback the sequences at the same time?

The Tracker can either record samples or playback the audio sequences. It cannot do these two things at the same time. Although, it can play the MIDI sequences and record the audio input from the steered MIDI instruments at once.


Could the Mini do this and if so, might this be something for the wishlist?

(Could imagine it has been asked before, but since i can only find this topic i ask it here.)

Is the Mini capable of playing a pattern while samplerecording from the mic?
If not.
Could it be done to render the pattern down to one sample which could then be played alongside recording from the mic?

I have also been wanting this to work. Here’s my use-case:

My music has vocals, and I often need to make micro-changes to the music to complement the vocals, but I need the vocals playing back at the same time.

What I’d like to do is record a vocal comp in while the tracker is playing.

But TBH, with the short max sample length, that would have to be fixed, too, for this to be truly useful to me.

@Arek can you clarify whether it’s technically possible to implement? If so, maybe worth creating a wish.

Are you sure you’re working with the right tool here?
The Tracker is an excellent creative tool to mix up and arrange your samples (guitars, vocals, whatever) in a complete new way and open your mind up to some new sonic landscapes, but what you like to do there sounds like a complete different instrument. Or you need something to run alongside the tracker.


For me, it’s a nice-to-have, not a must-have.

I make hip-hop and it would be helpful if I could record a draft vocal take over a beat, and then tweak the beat to compliment the vocal.

My Roland Verselab can do this, and my MPC can do this, but otherwise it doesn’t seem to be a common feature among grooveboxes.

Right now it’s a little bit of a hassle to record a vocal take elsewhere, then do the SD card dance to move the file when there’s already an onboard mic and sampler on the Tracker Mini.

I think there is a misconception of what a Tracker is and what it can do for you. Can it help with your hiphop beat making? Absolutely! Is it suitable for recording whole vocal takes? Probably not.

So I don’t get the problem here to be honest. When you got a MPC already that can do that why don’t you record the vocals there and sync the Tracker with the MPC to work on the beats?

Let me be clear, I’m very happy with the Tracker, and this is a nice-to-have… not a deal breaker or anything like that for me.

I don’t have a misconception… I’m pretty familiar with the Tracker and what it can do. I’m not saying all trackers should do this. I’m just saying this would be nice to have, for the way I make music.

I have a Tracker because I first had the MPC and never jelled with it’s workflow, so I don’t use it, and I’ll probably sell it. I know it’s capable of everything I want and more (that’s why I originally bought it).

Tracker can’t play its patterns and record audio at the same time due to its hardware limitations. It’s not a matter of a firmware update…

I am also not sure how much sense it makes to record a full take of anything with the maximum sample time of 133sec.

I guess your tracks are a bit longer than that… not counting in the sample time you used for beatcreation.

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