Best way to transfer projects from desktop apps? & day-one feedback

I was looking at getting the play+ and had a couple of questions I haven’t been able to find answers for. Support suggested I ask here. :smiley:
It actually arrived today!
I do understand it’s primarily a performance controller, so I’m not expecting the answers to necessarily be what I want. :slight_smile:

  1. If I start a project in say, Ableton Live of Cubase, using the play+ as essentially a sound module, is the only way to get the notes from the computer to the device “play on one/record on the other” as mentioned on (around) page 192 in the manual?
  2. If I then want to string together a number of “songs” into a live set without interruptions, what’s the best way to do that? (as loading a new project stops playback)
    a) consolidate all the patterns/parts into a single project?
    b) have separate projects and load them one after the other? (but maybe with another device for the crossovers?)
    c) something else?

I’d be wanting to use the device along with a handful of Korg Volca’s & other devices, along with a Korg SQ-64 (which is usable for midi-cv, but not enough tracks!)

day-1 feedback
It sounded great through the Rokit6 speakers in my living room! :smiley:
Basic usage seems a bit like scene trigger in Live? (as in set of patterns you then mute the parts of)
Works great connected to my Windows 10 machines.
Ran it through Reaper with 14 channels.
With Win11 or Ubuntu (22.04.3), not so much.
On framework13 laptop (all ports are basically thunderbolt4 with usb-adaptors) - Win11 popped up a usb device error. Ubuntu didn’t see it at all.
On framework16 laptop (all ports USB4 with the same adaptors as on the 13") - Windows didn’t see it at all. Neither did Ubuntu.

Hi, there. And welcome to backstage!

I hope you’ll have as much fun with your Play+ as much as I have with mine.

I’m not sure I completely understand this statement. But I don’t use it for performance at all. It does so many other things as well.

I think so, yes. How do you envision doing it otherwise?

I think you cover the options quite well here. The good news is that with all the patterns and variations available, it’s quite possible to have a full set inside a single project, if you’re able to build it within the limitations of sample memory and synth patches available for a project.

Do the mentioned laptops happen to have AMD CPUs? There’s a known problem connecting things directly to an AMD based computer. A workaround, that at least works for me, is to use a powered USB-hub between the computer and the Play+ (I’m on Ubuntu).