Automatic folder structure in new projects

Everytime you create a new project, you may not want to have to create all the folders that are part of the fill algorithm for example: kick, snare, synth, etc.

It would be nice if those folders could be auto-created.

What is the problem?

If you want to have the fill algorithm working you need to use the folder structure that has been defined by Polyend. It takes time and the auto name doesn’t have those names either.

What do you want to achieve?

Be more productive loading samples, when you don’t want to load entire folders full of samples, as memory is limited. This would speed up the process without having to name every time the same folders.

Are there any workarounds?

Using sample packs, but then you would have to delete samples and then load the ones that you want. As memory will fill up rapidly.

Any links to related discussions?

See comments below for similar open wishes.

Any references to other products?


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hey. check these wishes too, as they may solve the problem for you:

I think the last one is the one that looks more like it, but it’s much more complex.

As I’ve been seeing things in the forum, are asking for simpler things, that’s why I put this one, because the other are much more complex than this.

Thank you anyway for the the help, I just love this product so much I want it to never stop evolving.

I’ve rephrased your wish to make it more generalized. Hope that is ok :blush:


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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Was thinking this yesterday, nice one @OZz!