Audio over USB Outputs on iPad

I own the Play and was on the fence with getting a tracker. The tracker style was not something I think I could understand.

Then I saw the following:

Tracker Mini can output 12 channels of stereo Audio over USB. Outputs 1 & 2 are the master outputs. Output 3 – 18 correspond to the respective stereo track, 3 & 4 are for Track 1, 5 & 6 are for Track 2, etc. Output 19/20 and 21/22 are for reverb and delay. Outputs 23/24 are reserved for future use.

Can the iPad see this? For example, if I plug in the Tracker Mini, open AUM, create an audio track and select hardware input, do all of these in/outs show?

If so, I’ll preorder the device immediately and learn how to use it as I’m a fan of integrating iPad and gear.



Great question, I’ll have to test it with my iPad and get back to you. It works like a charm with Mac as an aggregate device but I never do music on the iPad so not sure if it would be different.

YO @iso! You used an iPhone as a MIDI controller, did you use USB audio via iOS?


Not to pre-empt @Mitch, but every other device I’ve used with ipad audio/midi over usb only shows up as one stereo signal. I don’t think multiple inputs/outputs work in ios (yet), unfortunately.

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Please pre-empt me, I don’t touch iOS for music.

Audio interfaces (not all) will show all ins and out. A few that I have do. This might be unique to audio interfaces vs gear that has multiple ins and outs.

I don’t have an iOS device to test this but, for what is worth, I plugged the Mini to my Ubuntu PC and Bitwig can see all the channels without needing any configuration. Plug & Play. For comparison, this is more than what the Syntakt offered when I bought it (it would only show master stereo out if I recall correctly, unless you used a script developed by enthusiast Elektronauts).

It seems that the Tracker Mini is USB class-compliant. I’d say this is all a device has to do to have all their audio channels recognized by iOS, but what do I know. :smiley: Better to have someone testing.

Linux + Pipewire proof:


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I believe the answer is the iPad will not see all ins and outs. This is not the fault of Polyend. It’s the iPad. It was not built for this. As was mentioned earlier, the iPad only sees multiple ins/out with an audio interface. Even class compliant non audio interface gear, only show stereo in/out. Elektron Digitone for example. No need to test. Thanks.

One picture is worth a thousand words… or something like that right? :joy:



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Time to go preorder.

Hats off Polyend. So it’s not on Apple to make this happen.

Thank you for testing and proving me wrong!


@Sandroid permission to share this picture? I just garnered a ton of respect for Polyend. You didn’t have to do this.

This is massive!

Of course! :blush: Share away :heart:


I’m glad the mystery has been solved. :slight_smile:

For what is worth, a device capable of receiving incoming USB audio won’t know nor care whether the audio signal is coming from an audio interface or something else. If both devices are USB class-compliant, they should simpy communicate with each other.

Elektron devices weren’t USB class-compliant originally, and you relied on Overbridge to get the separate audio from each channel. They seem to have fixed this with a software update but I don’t know for which devices and how compliant, and I don’t have a Syntakt anymore to test. :slight_smile:

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@icaria36 facts.

I learned a ton in this post. Going to push for companies to follow your lead.

Seriously, great for my experience. Bad for my wallet :rofl:

Hats off to your team!


To be clear, I’m just a volunteer community member, not Polyend staff. :sweat_smile:

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I was just going to say the same. We are just community moderators and not directly affiliated with Polyend. All the “Hats off’s” go directly to Polyend :laughing:

@Mitch thank you and please extend my heartfelt thanks for this experience.

Awesome thread. I am also excited for this!

Now the question becomes, what is this hinting at?
“Outputs 23/24 are reserved for future use.”

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Wow - this is huge! I’ve owned a few class compliant Elektron, Roland, and Teenage Engineering devices, and none of them showed up with multi ins or outs on ipad. I’ve only just bought my first OG tracker (a beautiful silver edition), so I won’t get the benefit of this, but props to Polyend.

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Just to double-confirm:

(source, shared with permission by rotallytuined)