Audio: Glitches on heavier projects including 8 audio tracks and 3 synths

Bug Description

  • While playing glitches and freezes occur.
  • It sounds like a processor overload.
  • I can force more glitches and freezes when I load additional samples.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a project with 3 synths and 8 audio tracks.
  2. Hit play.


  • The heavier a project the mor often it happens.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Build: 1354


  • I am not allowed to

.zip files are accepted

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0:06 and 0:18

I’m getting glitching related to a sound I made, and not the amount of sounds used. I posted that here: Play+ a FAT synth patch I made causes sound glithces like pop and clicks related to LP MG 24dB filter

Same thing already happened to me while using 8 voices of all three synths, they’ve became glitchy after two or three pattern plays, and the glitching was increasing for a while, and even play\pause din’t fix this. This happened on 1.0, not the new beta one.

tried the beta, same there

Curious if you start muting tracks on yours and for @ktrashchynski too, does it stop with less voices just by muting some? For me in my much simpler setup with way less voices, even that didn’t help. Even removed notes and muted some of my one synth so it’s a less complex pattern and still get the issue because mine is caused by how I programmed the synth, and not how complex and how many voices are used. I may move mine into a separate bug because of that.

@ktrashchynski @g.grunert probably want to post a project too that causes the issue, I have 8 synth voice setup with 3 synths and 8 samples playing, plus delay and reverb, and not getting the issue that way.

This is the project…

Yeah nice music, it sound great at first and gets worse as it plays longer distorting in the ways your recording shows. I will mess with it and see if I find out anything else useful to report.

It seems to get a little better when I adjust the master volume and limiter to make it quieter, but still not fully fixed, neither did turning off overdrive on the steps you used it on completely take it away.

Yes, I used the Overdrive alot, but to me it sounds like kind of a processor or bus overload. When I send it via USB to Ableton I even hat 1/2 second freezes. I question if it is hardware…

It may be related to the WTFM (green synth). When that is the only synth on I still get the issue. Turn just that synth off and I can’t tell that there is a problem.

I tried other sounds for that one from the same synth, and they are triggering it too. Leads me to think it may also be related to other settings you put on it. I see it has a note length of 48.5 which seems like it could be the source. Attempting to play with that now.

I think I got it finally Filter Env Amount had -40 something I think for the WTFM (green synth – set with the Overdrive / Bit Depth knob). I reset that to nothing. I left the note length alone and now it’s fine. Getting very cool distortions that seem like on purpose, but not any of the buggy sounding ones.

Okay, I will test, too. I would expect that extreme settings sound maybe shitty but not to let the beat stumble… I mean, is this technically feasible? Should I avoid certain settings or even synths? Weird…

and thanks for the testing, mate!

I don’t know but if we figure out the very little details like this about what causes something then they have a chance of fixing it if possible at least. I used to work in software QA so this is interesting for me to track down and report and also don’t want bugs in my play+ usage either.

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Messed around more with the filter env amount there both 0 and +40 do not cause the issue, but both -40 and -8 do. It’s not liking those negative values for some reason.
Also you are using the same filter I had that was related to my issue here: Play+ a FAT synth patch I made causes sound glitches like pop and clicks related to LP MG 24dB filter

Changing the filter to to something other than LP MG 24dB, just trying the next one on the list fixes it too even if Filter Env Amount is left at -40.

Just checked all the filters, only the LP MG 24dB triggers it.

Hi @g.grunert Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.