FAT Synth: pop and clicks related to LP MG 24dB filter

Bug Description

I accidentally discovered a (FAT) patch settings that cause clicky and poppy noises and other distortions. The particular patch settings I used if I switch the filter from LP MG 24dB to another setting like LP OB 24dB the issue goes away. It also goes away if I take the LFO from Ramp Up to something else like Ramp Down. It doesn’t go away from changing LFO Retrigger settings. Trying the same filter on other synths also doesn’t instantly create the bug, but must have to do with other patch settings I have interacting with the filter.

Video that will let you hear the bug, and then a change of filter making it stop (you may need to click on the video to scale it bigger before you get sound):

Reproduction Steps

  1. Use the supplied synth patch that I made by modifying the one with a similar name ‘Chorus Str Pad’
  2. Sequence any pattern even one note is enough.
  3. Press play and notice it has odd sounding clicks and pops that sound like a bug, and not an expected result of my synth programming.
  4. Turn LP MG 24dB to LP OB 24dB OR change LFO from Ramp Up to something else like Ramp Down and the issue goes away. It also occurs with LFO waveform of square.


With the particular synth patch I had no trouble getting it to occur every time, even when drastically changing the sequence of notes to see if that was also related. One note is enough to hear it.

Found in

  • Version: [1.0.1 beta]
  • Build: [1376]


I uploaded my project and synth patch here: bug 1 – Google Drive

synth programming.zip – is a zip of the project – I suggest muting the samples and playing the bottom left most pattern from the pattern grid to hear it.

Chorus Str Pad.zip – is the (FAT) synth sound i made that caused the issue, issue goes away as soon as LP MG 24dB is changed to something else.

Other synth sound issues possibly related

@Hans I see you tagged this as needs-info but didn’t comment on what that might be?

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Hi, sorry for the confusion. The tag is just there for me now, to keep track of things. I had all the info from you to work with :slight_smile: a keen eye for noticing!

Hi @radfaraf. Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.