Are the master FX presets explained anywhere? The actual values like you see in Custom?

It would be really helpful to have a listing somewhere of the individual settings for all of the presets. The addition of “Custom” is great but knowing the values from my favorite presets as a starting point would be great. Especially for the “Sound” setting.


I agree with you, it would be interesting.

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Hello! I’m wondering if it’s somehow possible to see the exact settings of all the Play’s effect presets.

For example, when selecting the Bucket delay preset, it’d be great to be able to see its:

  • Sync rate
  • Feedback
  • Ping Pong
  • Ping Pong Ratio
  • Filter Frequency

… and maybe there are other, under-the-hood settings, too?

This would be super handy when e.g. re-creating effects in a DAW (when using exported stems). Right now, I do it by ear. It’s a slow and tricky process. Of course, the delay/reverb/etc. algorithms in a DAW are different, so maybe this is a fool’s errand?

If this isn’t possible, currently, then on the Wishlist front, it could potentially be as simple as… when you select an effect preset, the Custom Parameters for that effect update to show those of the last-selected preset? This would then also allow you to slightly tweak a preset effect.

Or, simply add the effect preset settings to the Play’s manual.


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Slightly related idea: Proposal: community wiki-documents all presets

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Hey sorry for the delay on this one. I’ll try and find out if it is documented anywhere and get back to you on it.


Okay, have a spreadsheet of these for you all here! Play FX Presets - Google Tabellen


Wow that’s amazing, thank you Mitch!

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