Proposal: community wiki-documents all presets

The official manuals are good and it is understandable that they don’t go in-depth on things like…

Play Mode – gives you access to 35 classic and custom play modes which determine the order in which track steps are played.


Green – triggers the Rearrange Algorithmic custom playhead shuffler presets.


What if we would wiki-crowdsource descriptions for all these presets, explaining what they do. Of course nothing beats scanning all the presets paying attention to it but, honestly, doing this takes time and sometimes you don’t even quite understand what is going on even when you are listening to it. The same preset may bring different results with different source audios, so it can’t harm to to understand what the preset does.

I have considered the possibility of just starting doing this but a) for one person this task is time-consuming and daunting, and b) I have no idea whether this is just a problem for me or other people would be interested as well.

With various people contributing descriptions of presets one at the time, the effort is bearable and fun, and we could get tangible results in a few days, and we could be basically done in a few weeks, depending.

What do you think?


For example, this could look like this on a wiki post:


Play Mode


Playhead moves from the first step to the next in the right until the end of the track.


Like Forward, but starts with the last step and jumps to the previous in the left until the beginning of the track.

First Steps

It plays the steps 1-4 more times, at the expense of avoiding steps 5-8 and 15-16 (in a track of 16 steps, the distribution may change in other track lengths).


Go Go

??? (Please help describing this mode.)



I like the idea. Anything that helps bring understanding is a win.