Amiga sound for DAW


Here’s a more detailed overview video:

I’m sold - they seem to have thought of everything. Time to put my trusty Amiga back into storage :joy:


Mate never put the beast back it’s cage. :joy:

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it wont bother me to send midi commands to a plugin running on my windows module from my tracker, or even use it to render samples which then go into trackers instrument pool.

I mentioned this in another thread. And I’ll repeat it here; it would be super to have the Olds school time stretch as an offline command in the play as this texture is so residential to the breakbeats scenes and trackers…

polyends own tracker already does this so well and it’s opens up a path of to do synthesis exploration on samples and layering of vocals etc …

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you can automate parameters halfway through your sample with this tho :open_mouth:

Great video from Groovin in G - thought it was pertinent when he said this:

Another really cool feature which is somewhat essential for this old school style, is to rather than have this mode on trigger, we can have it on thru mode which means it plays through to the end rather than cutting off at the end of the slice.

I’ve been requesting this since 2020 on the polyend tracker and would love it, if you agree, to please upvote for this wishlist request. It would be such a good UX improvement for those of us making sample based or breakbeat driven music.

Beat slice mode allow to play through to end of sample


Yep it would be Uber to have a sampler plugin like this inside the play …realtime/parameter locks would be insane…

Yet Id be perfectly fine with just offline time stretch with beat and pitch options + preview … the sample rate and chop stuff can be emulated somewhat once it’s in the sample playback engine …

but Any realtime audio processing via plugin of course be the golden goose bananas …

I like the idea, but I am so used to fire up my WinUAE and work directly on the emulator that it is hard to get out of that loop.
I see the appeal to use a VST but you can use just the original software on the emulator and export that once done

It’s great.