Allow panning of synths per step

What is the problem?

Panning is only available at the synth level, ie. for the entire instrument.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to place individual synth steps in different places in the stereo field. Having Pan as a modulation destination for all synths would also be very cool.

Are there any workarounds?

Export synth sounds as samples and use these in the sampler, which supports per-step panning.

Any links to related discussions?

Not that I know of.

Any references to other products?

Play(+) sampling sequencer :slight_smile:


Can you do this without external hardware?

Yes, by using the export function. Mute everything you don’t want to sample and export the pattern master. It’s a bit of a cumbersome workflow, that I made another wish for improvements to: Pick name and location for exports

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Huh, I didn’t even think to do this. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks for the wish @3xm! I did some very minor edits to remove the first-person reference, but other than that it’s clean and straight to the point. Cheers.

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@3xm Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations.

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