Allow midi tracks to control sample tracks for more FX slots and better organization

What is the problem?

Problem 1:

With only eight sample tracks, you often use multiple sounds on the same track to keep things neat and efficient. However, this can make it more difficult to stay organized, mute certain parts of the drums when the only option is to mute an entire track.

Problem 2:

With a kick and snare sharing the same track, it’s tedious to apply gradual automation on just one of the sounds. For example, maybe you want to gradually close a LP filter on the snare while keeping the kicks unchanged. If the kick and snare were on two separate tracks, this would not be a problem.

Problem 3:

Tracks have only two FX slots per step. Sometimes a third or fourth slot would make a huge difference.

Solution (solves all 3 problems):

The midi tracks are useful since they can control synths and external gear. What if they could also control the sample tracks? For example, you could then use the same track for kick and snare without having to have all note entries in the same track lane. Or you could control more FX parameters than two.

What should this feature achieve?

Provide the possibility of designating a midi track (9-16) as a second track controlling a sample track (1-8). This would allow you to eg use track 1 for kicks and snares, but in practice to use track 9 for the snare sequence data, keeping things tidy and organized.

This allows for:

  • The possibility of muting just the snares, without muting the kick.
  • The possibility of using a third and fourth FX slot per step for the target sample track.
  • The possibility of more easily selecting just the notes for a particular instrument and do automation just one those (for example, to apply a from-to Fill closing a LP filter on just the snare drum over a 128 step pattern whole keeping the Kick filter unchanged).

Obviously there needs to be some checks and bounds to ensure that competing step instructions are properly handled. For example, if track 1 tries to play a note and track 9 (controlling track 1) tries to play another note, or another instrument, then either the step of the original track 1 or track 9 applies, not both.

Are there any workarounds?

Keeping all things in the same track and accepting that per-sound automation isn’t as quick to apply, and accepting that you can only mute the entire track at once, and accepting only two FX slots per track.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Great wish @Sineway! I did a pretty thorough search and am confident that it’s not a duplicate so you’ve got the go to expand on this great idea :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ve expanded on the idea now. Not sure I can think of much else to add to it now. :blush:

I have a couple thoughts here.

Regarding the limitation of two step fx, there is this wish here:

And i feel a lot of the things you describe here, you can already achieve by resampling / printing / rendering tracks to a sample. Seems mostly a question of how you organize yourself.

By all means, keep going with the wish of course though :blush: .
I’m just saying that most of these things can be adressed already.


Yeah, to be honest, I feel that there’s an inherent flaw in encouraging people to come up with specific solutions because you end up with possibly completing solutions for the same underlying problem.

It would be better if there was just a collection of “problems” and then there would be up to the product team to come up with the most appropriate solution given their product vision and roadmap. I personally would be happy with any solution to the core problem so I have no personal stake in having “my” proposed solution winning.

So like the other wish, I’m happy with closing this one if the other one is already established and voted on.

(Another thing that would be great would be if similar wishes could be grouped as “solving the same problem” so the votes across various proposed solutions could be seen as contributing to the same total vote count.)

Oh hang on. I’m just saying the one Problem that you are adressing, has already a wish with votes on it and that there are workarounds to what you are asking for :laughing: .

I’m not sure those adress the entirety of your wish :blush: and thereby i’m not asking for this to be closed or have any favoritism towards one or the other solution :heart:

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That’s great and to be clear I wasn’t really complaining. :blush: But I do like the concept of “problem roadmaps” and I do feel like the way the template here for wishes is formulated, you’re sort of encouraged to talk with quite a bit of specificity about the specific solution you have in mind for a problem (eg “I wish there was a way to designate a midi track to control one of the sample tracks”) rather than clearly defining the problem (eg “I wish there was a way to stay more organized when combining lots of different sound elements into one and the same track”). Think of it as just a suggestion for how things might be organized if that’s of any appetite for the product team. :blush: