All synth parameters lockable per step

To have all synth parameters lockable per step. imagine having access to every synth parameter from the patch edit screen, with the ability to parameter lock them all per step. it would open up those beautiful synths so much.

perhaps a similar system to the tracker fx commands would work well. hold your step - press a button to open the synth parameter list - select the parameter and adjust.

What is the problem?

only having access to the macros is a bit limiting. considering you would generally want attack & decay on the first 2 macros, filter cutoff & resonance on macro 3 & 4, that really only leaves 2 macros free, and setting them is a bit cumbersome.

What do you want to achieve?

to have access to all synth parameters for parameter locking per step.

perhaps a similar system to the tracker fx commands where you press a button and can scroll down the list of parameters would work well.

Are there any workarounds?

just macros

Any references to other products?

tracker / tracker mini


Hey @beautron thanks for posting yet again another thoughtful wish! Would you consider your wish to be similar to Implementation of Pick, Place, Select, Adjust in the synth engines? Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

thanks Dan, apologies I didn’t see your wish post. yea its similar. mine does have a specific idea in mind (tracker fx list kinda thing for the synth parameter p-locks), but it is a similar wish in essence.

tbh, any way of being able to p-lock all the synth parameters would be very welcome.

No worries at all. Happy to send it in for review if you think it’s different enough. Sadly the one that I linked was declined…

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thanks Dan. I do think it’s different enough as it’s possibly a different approach to a similar thing.

it’s worth a shot :slight_smile:

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legend :clinking_glasses:

What about just limiting the lockable parameters to the ones assigned to the 6 knobs? A little more reasonable in my mind.

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Hi @beautron Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations :slight_smile:

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