Implementation of Pick, Place, Select, Adjust in the synth engines

The user has 4 powerful synth engines in front of them, yet their current implementation doesn’t seem to fully fit the Play’s paradigm at least to my understanding of it. Pick, Place, Select, Adjust doesn’t feel fully implemented when it comes to the synth engines.

What is the problem?

The paradigm of “Pick, Place, Select, Adjust” doesn’t seem to be fully implemented on the Synth spectrum.

What do you want to achieve?

“Pick, Place, Select, Adjust” along the entire synth engine to align it with the Play’s paradigm

Are there any workarounds?

None that I am aware of

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Novations Mono Station is a good example. Most Elektron gear is another point of reference.


Feels like this needs real specifics of what the changes might be. Like for me I really want synths programming that can be programmed really fast like any other synth that has proper knobs for most parameters where you just turn a bunch of knobs or touch some pads to change things really fast without going all over in menus for everything. We have enough knobs and pads that this could be figured out somehow with a synth programming mode that uses everything we have available instead of just certain knobs.


Cheers! I hope one day each synth engine has it’s own “page” where all the knobs/buttons above the grid are exclusive to the synth. I could even see overlays that could be made for each synth engine :drooling_face:

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Like something you can place over top top panel to give you visual labeling of what everything maps to when in synth mode right? I have a custom midi controller with like 48ish knobs and I started making one myself for it, it’s just going to be a thick nice-colored piece of paper with appropriate labels printed on it and cutouts for knobs, but stopped for now because the play+ and other gear came :D. They could somehow make 3d printed quality ones or some other process.

@dan.lgrnd Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction :slight_smile:

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