Adjustable slew on LFO shapes

Nothing adds excitement to a modulation destination like a random source. For example, random panning is a great way to spread a sound unpredictably. However, in it’s current hard-edged state the Random LFO shape makes for really abrupt changes which can be jarring. Being able to slew the LFO shape would not only allow for the changes in value to be smoother but if applied to other LFO shapes, one could slew the other LFO shapes into new, exciting shapes as well.

What is the problem?

Hard-edged modulation sources (like the Random LFO shape) can be very jarring when used as a modulation source.

What do you want to achieve?

Smoothed out (slewed) changes in value so the modulated effect isn’t as jarring. Bonus, this could reveal new and exciting LFO shapes.

Are there any workarounds?

Not that I’ve found.

Any links to related discussions?

None that I’ve fond.

Any references to other products?

Not that I’m aware of.


I think this wish is probably what you are looking for:

This would add entirely new lfo shapes, much along the lines of the wonderful XAOC Zadar Eurorack Module.

I’m not personally familiar with the XAOC Zadar and from reading the manual, nothing sounds like Slewing to me. Skewing, I assume, is to shift the LFO shape towards either direction in time (horizontally forwards or backwards - like adding an Attack or Decay stage to it). If that assumption is correct, then Skewing and Slewing are very different.

Slewing is just the voltage act of smoothing out changes in value - be it increases or decreases in voltage. In a modular system, you can use a Slew being hit with a simple Trigger to receive and envelope with shared Attack and Decay times. When applied to something like a Random voltage source, you’d get a smoothed transition between changes in voltage in both the direction of positive changes as well as subtractive changes.

I understand what slewing does, i’m just saying that the mentioned wish, that has already votes on it, proposes many new lfo shapes as well that could probably/possibly cover a lot of ground.

If you want though, you can of course continue with this wish and propose a slewing functionality for all current and future lfo shapes.

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To bring over functions from the Zadar would certainly cover a lot of new ground for Envelope / LFO shapes and functions but from my read of the manual, none of those cover the same ground as a Random with smoothing applied to voltage transitions.

As it stands - the Random waveform on the Tracker is simple but limited in use. Being able to Slew the transitions in amount would make it much more useful and I assume any kind of Slewing application could be applied to other Shapes - generally expanding their functionality as well.

I absolutely agree with you.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

An absolute must have for me.