Add some anti-aliasing to sawtooth and square LFOs

Edit: this is a dupe of this wish and should be closed:

What is the problem?

Using the LFOs to control things like amp and filter envelopes tends to introduce unpleasant clicks which span the entire frequency spectrum and are thus hard to mask in post production (let alone being unwanted in a live performance).

The problem is that the LFO shapes lack any form of anti-aliasing/smoothing. This reduces their utility in real-world use because who wants white noise clicks in their music?

What should this feature achieve?

Introduce the ability to apply very subtle softening/smoothing/anti-aliasing of the edges of the LFO shapes, just enough to eliminate the unwanted clicks.

In terms of how this feature would be implemented, I’d rather have the product team think of the best way. Some suggestions might include (as in, either of these solutions would be applicable, so pick the best one between them or come up with a better one):

  • A Smoothing parameter that can be set in the LFO settings page.
  • A global smoothing parameter that applies to all LFOs of a project.

Are there any workarounds?

Not really, you have to accept the clicks and can consider to add a very quick transient automation in the DAW to remove the clicks there (eg a gain automation that reduces gain down to infinity and slides it back up within a few milliseconds at each note trigger).

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

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Is this about the new synth engines or old sample-based instruments or both?
There is an existing wish about LFO smoothing:

I think the wish should mention the Random S&H shape as well?
Aniti-aliasing is an inappropriate term imo. Smothing would be ok.
I hope you don’t mind if I add the Play+ tag as the synths are the same.

Good question, when filing this I had the sample engine in mind as that’s where I’ve experienced the problem. It could apply to the synths too but I haven’t tested that enough to know yet. So this is for samples primarily.

That other wish is definitely related to this and seems to be about the random LFO while this is about the square and saw LFOs. I wonder if it makes more sense to combine them into one, assuming they’re about sample LFOs.

No, it just uses the random LFO as a primary example but covers all the ‘Hard-edged modulation sources’ (Saw, Square, Random). Your wish, on the other hand, dosn’t cover Random at all.

Then this is a dupe.

Please close this thread. :pray:

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