Add BPM to export filenames

Add an option so that exports (stems or full track) include the BPM of the exported track

What is the problem?

If you export a lot of tracks or stems for later processing you may not remember the BPM of the cuffs.

What should this feature achieve?

Include BPM in the filename to alleviate aformentioned issue.

Are there any workarounds?

Do it manually

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?


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What if the tempo is variable though?

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Also please fill out the template properly. It is there for a reason. :blush:
Thank you! :heart:

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good point! its a pain to write down bpms of all the exports but yeah, dont see how its possible now… oops

Before i closed this wish, would a middle ground be a useful idea? As in:

if there are various tempos within a track, the filename could include the lowest and the highest tempo?

maybe, or just include the bpm is there arent any tempo changes? i can only speak for myself when i think ive only did that once on a track, 99% of tracks are same tempo throughout and i think thats the majority.