Acid breakbeat playground : Polyend Play + RD-9 + TD-3 + TD-3

A fresh Polyend Play user here. I mostly work with a computer as a “brain” for my setup. This time, i tried different approach, with HW only (that was the reason for me to buy Play anyway)

The setup is
Polyend Play, sequencing samples and externel devices.
RD-9 - MIDI channel 1
TD-3 (1) - MIDI channel 2
TD-3 (2) - MIDI channel 3

simple MIDI daisy chain…
Polyend Play MIDI out → RD-9 MIDI in
RD-9 MIDI thru → TD-3 (1) MIDI in
TD-3 (1) MIDI thru → TD-3 (2) MIDI in

So here is the recording


nice, i’ve just picked up a TD 3…havent had time to unbox it…lookin forward to running it with the play.

Hi! I have a problem getting ties to work while sequencing TD-3 from the Polyend Play. Note lenght 1.0 = no tie. Note length 1.25 or higher = a portamento fading out and the sequence goes silent until i stop/play again. The weird thing is that ties sometimes work - for some notes - and sometimes not. Anyone else having similar problems ?

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Hi, yes it happens sometimes, and i think i found the problem.
I just tried to debug it, with two steps.
and it works if the first note of the “tie” is different as the second. If those are the same notes this bug occurs, problem is, that the first note is not sending note off, and it seems that TD-3 is sensitive to this.

i’ll create a bug report.

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Many thanks, will try this as soon as I get home :slight_smile:

oh, i decided to not make it a bugreport, as i don’t know what is correct according MIDI specs, but here is the description and solution for that situation

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Worth noting is also that the problem occurs even when you tie similar notes in a different octave. C2 → C3 for example creates this ’ hanging ’ note problem.