Play and TD-3 hanging note problem/solution when creating tie/slide between notes

Sometimes i experience strange situation when using Play as sequencer for TD-3 (303 clone by behringer). This happens when tring to create note tie of the same note. This results in TD-3 to hang playing one note, until playhead on Play is stoped an started again.

So i took a look what is happening using sensomusic brainmodular as middleware, to see actual events sent by Play.

So i programmed simple midi sequence, on first two steps of one midi track, with settings
1st step: NOTE C3, velocity 127, length 1.25, USB MIDI channel 2
2nd step: NOTE C3, velocity 70, length 0.75, USB MIDI channel 2
When monitoring i saw these midi events
NOTE ON 48 127, channel 2
NOTE ON 48 70, channel 2
NOTE OFF 48 70, channel 2

So Play did not sent NOTE OFF 48 127, channel 2

Then i changed the note on first step to B2 and monitoring the events i saw this sequence
NOTE ON 47 127, channel 2
NOTE ON 48 70, channel 2
NOTE OFF 47 127, channel 2
NOTE OFF 48 70, channel 2

I don’t know what is correct behaviour according the MIDI spec.
Anyway it seems that TD-3 needs NOTE ON/NOTE OFF pairs to behave correctly, otherwise it will hang playing a note.

Keep this in mind when programming note ties on Play, if the tie is between two same notes use one step with longer duration, instead of tying two same notes. It should be fine when the tie is between two different notes.

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