Zero crossings feature in 1.7 is broken

Found a serious sample start/end problem in 1.7 where samples were being cut short and sometimes not playing at all. This is due to the new zero crossing feature

The Tracker does a real bad job of detecting the crossings, and it’s easy to load a sample that won’t even play at all if this setting is enabled, for example this short rim shot sample. The Tracker decides there’s no zero crossings at all and refuses to play it. If I switch the setting off, the sample instantly starts playing

I can easily share this sample for reproducing the error

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Hey , welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Thank you for your detailed post, the issue has already been reported and i’m sure Polyend is already working on a soluton for this :heart:.


Could it be caused by DC offset ?
If so an offline processing could be used to automatically detect and remove it.

I don’t think DC offset is causing it, none of these samples appear to have any offset.

You can tell the zero-crossing detection is incorrect, just scroll the start point through almost any sample, the marker almost never goes green

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I have tried loadeding a bunch of short samples but none was sounding partially or not playng at all.
I then sliced a really short BD sample and was able to play all the single cycle slices correctly too.

The only thing was that the hit markers stayed red color. No green markers fouund anywhere on a 0.060 sample with clearly visible zero crossings.

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Anyone following this up?