Xone 96 compatible?

Hello people,

I saw that the polyend play plus can do audio over USB so my my question is can I connect the polyend play plus directly to my xone 96 mixer which has a built in soundcard, and route tracks to 4 separate channels?

I currently do live sets running ableton on my laptop, control clip launching with an apc40 mk2 and route audio through the mixer. I want to get away from having to use a laptop for my live sets but I want to continue using the 4 channels on the xone 96 as I come from a DJing background and really enjoy mixing elements in and out

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I can’t give you a definitive answer on that, as i don’t have any experience with the xone 96, but i would doubt that its possible, since both devices try to be soundcards really.

You don’t really have a way in the Play+ to route the channels, as it just exposes all it’s predefined channels and i’m pretty sure the xone 96 does the same. Or do you have any way of routing any USB input channels directly on the Xone 96? I would guess not?

It makes sense that you can do that from Ableton, since it will see the Xone 96 as an audio interface. If you keep Ableton in between however, you should be able to aggregate the devices and route inputs/outputs between the two.

Although it wouldn’t let you get rid of the laptop, I’m pretty sure you can do the routing via your DAW:

Play+ → DAW → Mixer. And then you can just forget about the laptop.

I’ve been experimenting with doing this with my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK and it works great!

Not any device with audio over usb has host mode. It’s the case of the Maschine+, MPC (through their hosts ports) for example but I don’t believe Polyend devices provide that.

They only act as devices that you need to connect to a host. The Xone 96 being a mixer device and not a host, connecting them together directly won’t work.

If you connect it to a computer, iPad, MPC, Maschine+, then it’ll work.

I always thought someone should make a USB audio host device like we can find MIDI host devices. That would be helpful in many occasions. But at the moment this doesn’t exist.

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