WTFM glide does not work

Bug Description

Turning up the Glide Time on the WTFM synth engine does nothing. I’d expect the notes playing to glide, like they do when turning up the Glide Time on other synth engines.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Add some steps playing the WTFM synth engine.
  2. Go to Edit Patch for the WTFM synth and scroll down to and select Glide Time.
  3. Turn up the Glide Time value.
  4. Despair.


I stumbled upon it in a project I’m working on. Made a new project and was able to reproduce.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.1beta
  • Build: 1376


Too big to upload, but I’ve uploaded a video of it here:

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Hi @3xm , sorry you’re experiencing this issue and thanks for reporting it. We will try to include this fix in the next update and let you know when it’s ready.


@here I’m glad to inform that this bug was fixed in the Play+ 1.0.1 firmware update :slight_smile:


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