Workflow: Making Wavetables ON Tracker?


After experimentation I have found it is possible to render a series of 256 wavetable frames on the Tracker itself IF you use the following method:

Set your note to PRECISELY

F0 -23 cents (aka M-23)

And render 8 bars at 323 BPM

8 BARS, F0 -23 cents, 323 BPM

I tried to make it easy to remember, check it out:

8 BARS = most obvious length

F0 = people say F is the lowest bass note

-23 CENTS, 323 BPM = “Minus 23, Three 23”

Then make a nice long 4 bar modulation pattern and: BOOM!

The only problem: to be really precise in the tuning we need more decimal places on the micro tuning. There IS still a tiny bit of drift.

Any suggestions for improving the drift would be welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you



Hi there! I have a question for the Polyend Polymind:

Is there a clean, easy workflow for turning recordings of my hardware synths into wavetables without having to use my computer?

I kinda feel like there’s some magic set of pitch/bpm values with a ramp envelope to generate a succession of 2048 windows if you can get the recording latency sorted, right?

Anyone know the recipe?

(making notes while I try to get this to work)

LINK: Expanse – Creating Wavetables

For 44100/2048 ≈ 21.5332Hz use F0 – 23c ≈ 21.5387Hz
For 48000/2048 = 23.4375Hz use F#0 + 23c ≈ 23.4339Hz

Let’s say we are working in 44100

2048 samples at 44.1 is 21.53 Hz or F0 -23 cents

256 windows of 2048 samples is 524288 samples

524288 samples / 44100 = 11.88861678 seconds (i think?)

8 bars at 161.5 bpm is 11.8888 seconds…

To make a wavetable you need 8 bars of F0 -23 cents at 161.5 bpm i THINK…

Testing now…

OK, couldn’t get my tuner to register a pulse wave that low, so I did it an octave up but it’s not QUITE lining up with the windows.

When I go to the WT Smoother it sounds best when i set it to 256 windows of 1070


Then when I apply the effect and go back to wavetable Sample Player mode it looks like the windows are all still off :frowning:

Any ideas?

OK, here’s as far as I got: Dropbox - wavetable - Simplify your life

So CLOSE… but yet SO FAR.


You have to NAIL the tuning exactly for it to work.

I did it again but rendering the Tracker’s internal wavetable synth and it worked pretty well. You could use this technique to print effects into a wavetable, turn a sample into a wavetable etc.

The only issue is the PERFECT detune value is in between -22 cents and -23 cents :confused:

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Oh wow, i actually never considered doing that :laughing:
So far i always went through a computer, but this IS an interesting idea!

Wish i had some time right now to join on your quest, but i’ll definitely give it a try in the next couple days, unless you solve it by then already :joy:

Good luck! :heart:

I’m close! i just gotta figure out how to get the 1070 length windows the Sample Editor’s WT Smoother says I have to snap to become normal 1024 length windows in the Sample Player’s wavetable mode.

All the manual says is: “You can turn any sample into a wavetable with WT Smoother”

Here’s as far as i got: Dropbox - wavetable - Simplify your life